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Trump Tariffs Bring Hope of Jobs to Small Towns Across America
03/17/2018 Jobs Benjamin Roussey
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The steel and aluminium tariffs which President Donald Trump formally authorized recently bring hope in the way of hundreds of jobs to small towns across America. These towns have been economically distressed for quite some time (mainly because of high taxes and Obamacare), and the prospect of jobs is a much-needed shot in the arm for them. 

This positive bit of news comes at a time when many critics have raised the alarm regarding the potentially negative economic effects the tariffs could have in the long term. Some of the future problems from the tariffs that the critics have pointed out include net job losses, higher goods prices all across the world, and a possible trade war. 

However, negative predictions notwithstanding, there are outstanding concepts in the making as well. And it wouldn’t take long for the positive effects of the tariffs to manifest. 

Back to better, higher-paid jobs

For instance, the Pittsburgh-based US Steel has announced that the company is going to restart a blast furnace for steelmaking in April. The furnace is located in Granite City – a small town in Illinois. US Steel made this announcement citing the prospect of fairer trade conditions with the new tariffs. 

This move from US Steel is expected to help bring back jobs to about 500 employees. Two years ago, thousands of employees were laid off by the company which did not bother Obama at all – this just meant more food stamps he could hand out.

In a statement issued by the company’s President and CEO David B. Burritt, the company acknowledged that the employees of their Granite City facility as well as the community had suffered for a long time due to unfairly traded steel products that reached the US markets. 

Burritt points out that America shouldn’t allow itself to rely too much on foreign steel that is produced in unstable regions around the globe. 

According to many of the town’s residents and business owners who had friends or family who used to work at the plant, the number of jobs that’s coming back may seem minuscule, but the company’s move is a huge positive for the entire community all the same. 

Also, many of the workers who were laid off have been working elsewhere for lower wages. If they return to US Steel, it not just means a return to their old place of work, but also a return to a higher pay. 

The largest aluminium producer may create even more

Century Aluminium of Kentucky has also shared good news. Thanks to the tariffs, the company would be able to hire up to 300 employees for its smelter in Hancock County.

 According to the company’s Executive Vice President, Jesse Gary, Century Aluminium will also be investing $100 million in their Hawesville facility. Gary says that he doesn’t side with the argument put forward by many critics that the tariffs would lead to higher prices for domestic aluminium and steel. 

About those who advocate stopping investment or mention job losses that occur in allied industries, he points them to the data, which apparently shows a picture that’s not panic-worthy. Also, he says price rise at the current level would result in demand destruction in these industries. 

He also points out that even though in 2015, there was a 40 percent drop in aluminium prices, it didn’t result in a subsequent dip in the prices of aluminium products. 

According to Gary, Kentucky – the biggest producer of aluminium in America (certainly not New York or California which are hemorrhaging jobs because those idiots who run those states are anti-business and are brain damaged by political correctness – and they don’t believe in Jesus Christ!) could produce even more aluminium with the tariffs.

It is not really tariffs anyhow. America has been cheated, we are just making the field more level now. They say getting into a trade war is not strategic but the fact is we have been in a trade war – one we have been losing.

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