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10 Reasons Why America is Stronger Because of The Second Amendment
03/17/2018 Second Amendment Benjamin Roussey
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The gun debate in America is raging on, with people finding themselves on both sides of the divide.

But the side that understands history and that relying on government to protect you is foolhardy is the right side to be on.

Some argue that the second amendment – which allows American citizens to bear firearms-puts the entire nation in a perilous position, while others say it has made the country a safer place. Here are ten reasons why the latter group knows America is stronger because of the second Amendment.

  1. Guns prevent crimes

Every year, some 800,000 to 2,500,000 crimes are prevented in America thanks to guns, according to Dr. Gary Kleck, a criminologist at the Florida State University. The statistic was based on multiple studies.

  1. The business prospects

There are literally hundreds of businesses of varied sizes across America linked to guns and firearms. Quite a large number of people rely on the firearms industry for their livelihood. And many of these are small businesses which manufacture guns and accessories.

  1. Pride in US manufacturing

The firearms manufacturers in America are considered the best not just by people inside the country but also by foreigners. This contributes to a thriving manufacturing culture, which couldn’t be said about many other products.

  1. A highly technological industry

Products in the firearms industry such as holographic sights and scopes are quite advanced, technologically speaking. The manufacture of these units requires sophisticated machinery and qualified technicians and engineers. The presence of tremendous technology means that the industry contributes to growth in other fields such as science and education.

  1. Personal defense

Defending yourself and your loved ones in the face of danger should be possible for everyone. The second amendment supports this. Woman in Europe, India, Brazil cannot defend themselves – they are subject to rape. Those countries and other countries are barbaric and illogical.

  1. A rich culture

America has a long, and rich gun culture that’s not to be found anywhere else in the world. Also, the country provides arguably the best firearms safety education to its citizenry.

  1. Upholding the constitution

The constitution lied down certain fundamental principles which would help the people govern themselves. And the second amendment, which allows the ownership of firearms is allowed by the constitution. By continuing to respect the second amendment along with the rest of the principles, the constitution is valued even more.

  1. Defending liberty

One of the key tenets of the second amendment is to enable the use of firearms against any infringement on your liberty, life, or property – even if it’s from your own government. In other words, the second amendment upholds your right for individual freedom. Such earnest defense of individual liberty is rarely found in national constitutions. But America has it.

  1. Export

Firearms manufactured in America – especially rifles – are valued around the world. Competitive shooters use these rifles for many reasons. The AR-15 is especially loved by competitive shooters. This admiration for American firearms means that export of US-made firearms is not uncommon. Accessories are also exported from this nation to users around the world. In other words, this is a unique segment of American export trade. 

  1. Hunting as a sport

The sport of hunting is something that many Americans enjoy, not to mention the camaraderie it promotes among its practitioners. Indeed, in many families, generations bond over the practice of hunting. By enabling people to bear arms, the second amendment helps people engage in the sport of hunting.

But at the same time, it must also be said that hunting ought to be done responsibly – that you should respect the rules and guidelines set in place for the protection of various animals, including endangered species. Poachers should be hunted themselves. It is a shame that China is allowed to rape Africa which they have been doing for centuries.

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