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The Reasoning Behind Call For More Armed Guards to Protect American Schools
03/06/2018 Protect American Schools Benjamin Roussey
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Following the mass shooting that took place on Feb. 14th at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida which killed seventeen students because the authorities in Broward County dropped the ball (mainly Scott Isreal who is the sheriff of this disgraced county), many conservatives have called for increased security in schools to prevent such incidents from happening in the future, including deploying more police or armed guards.

Common sense right? So we defend rich athletes at sporting events but not our students? Worried about the cost? Cut one to two of those lazy teachers (most teachers are not lazy but we all know there are some!) and hire someone who is armed, plain clothed, and who walks around and in the school ready to fend off an attack.

Ideas being proposed

One idea that’s proposed is to arm teachers at schools with army technology, so they could defend themselves and their pupils in the event of a shooter with a gun entering the school.

To this end, a technology based on the Unreal engine from the video game maker, Epic Games would help give the teachers virtual training in the program. Already, the program has been modeled to equip school personnel in the event of a shooting.

Another proposal is to hire retired military and police officers who are trained in combat, then arm and deploy them to guard schools. The idea is that the armed presence would deter attacks on schools. It would have prevented every school shooting in the past 20 years in fact.

Yet another proposal is to adopt a security model similar to airports in schools (hopefully you don’t have to take off your shoes though – it is pathetic we still have to do that!). This idea, however has attracted criticism because as the TSA or Transportation Security Administration-which is in charge of providing airport security across the nation-is not considered very efficient.

They are pathetic in fact.

The frequent instances of the TSA failing to prevent passengers from bringing knives and guns into airport terminals are pointed out in this regard. Also, security tests conducted in 2015 showed that an overwhelming 95 percent of weapons were missed by the agency. Though airports are heavily guarded, it’s said that it provides more an illusion of protection than the real deal.

Also, the failure of TSA comes at a high financial cost. This method is not feasible.

Many people wonder why we don’t have the technology deployed at airports like what was seen in the movie Total Recall back in the 80s. That would avoid that unnecessary line and having us to take off our shoes and so on but this is another topic.

The problem of cost

At present, the yearly budget for the TSA is around $7.5 billion. This figure should be seen in the context of the 15,000 airports in America. To contrast, there are more than 98,000 public schools in the United States. Given this, if you were to guard all schools-private and public- like you would airports, the cost involved would be substantial, to say the least.

The idea of deploying armed drones to guard schools – which is yet another proposal from two or three conservatives – also poses the problem because of the cost. For instance, a single armed drone could rake up a bill of $30,000 for every single flight hour. With such figures, it would be highly impractical to actually deploy armed drones to protect schools and how effective is that drone going to be a shooter inside the school?  

The focus on deploying armed guards

Such cost considerations are prompting many to focus more on deploying armed police officials in schools, which is economically feasible. In fact, schools have already hired school resource officers or SROs for the purpose. This has been going on since the 1990s. At present 43 percent of American public schools have a school resource officer. Back in 1996, only 20 percent of public schools had one.

But this so-called pro at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School turned out to be a joke! This fool was hiding outside the school and did nothing to protect any student.

The rise in the number of SROs was because of mass shootings to begin with. You could trace back this surge to the year 1999, when the infamous shooting at Columbine happened. Between that year and 2005, American schools were given $750 million to hire security personnel by the Federal Department of Justice.

Many of them probably hired clowns like the one at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. These people should be ex-military or former police officers who are not afraid to confront evil if that is what it takes.

Now, it is proposed that the number of SROs should be increased even further, so that the bigger a school is, the more number of armed personnel it has.

But even this idea has drawn opposition from some liberal critics who want schools to remain soft targets, who point out that the crime rate in schools was already dipping before the higher spending on security measures began. For instance, the school crime rate was down by half between 1992 and 2002.

So what? This means nothing. Schools should not remain a soft target and because Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was a soft target, a psycho like Nikolas Cruz knew there will not be any threat to him and his horrendous intentions. Schools need to be hardened. Every school massacre in the past 20 years would have been prevented if that school had one person willing to fire back. These sociopaths are not tough like some police and most soldiers, one bullet flying back at them and they will lose their focus. Even if they don’t they will be thwarted giving more time for police to arrive to put down the threat.

It would not be implausible if the psycho either shoots himself or tries to flee. In either scenario, innocent lives are saved.

Another plan is to arm school teachers. Well, at least some of them. Many school teachers know how to handle a weapon, ones that actually care about their families and lives. Some of them will be authorized to carry a concealed weapon and probably many of them have already started to do that. Though apparently, this was not the case at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School!

Again, liberals are all jacked up

Liberals want to take away our guns. They want to allow the woman of America to be raped by a rapist. They don’t want us to be able to defend ourselves. Liberals are anti-American an all these school shootings are because of them, many times the school itself, and too much of the time the asinine parent or guardian of that atrocious sociopath.

The debate continues but more schools and school districts are waking up to the fact that schools can no longer be soft targets.

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