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Trump Tax Cuts Will Benefit The Average American
02/16/2018 Tax Cuts Benjamin Roussey
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The tax reductions announced by the Trump administration appear to be delivering the anticipated impact. Businesses are witnessing growth in corporate income and the investment climate is buoyant.

A competitive market is helping ensure that the financial benefits get passed on to the workforce and the consumers. The stock market reflects the renewed confidence in the economy, and the persistent talks of a looming recession are now relegated into the background.

With President Trump keeping his promises, the economy looks set to scale greater heights.

More than a hundred top corporate organizations such as Boeing, AT&T, American Airlines, and Apple have declared salary hikes and dividends, besides announcing fresh investments and other growth plans. All this follows the reduction in taxation amounting to $1.5 trillion that was ratified in December.

For many Americans, there will be increases in pay as taxes come down across the board. After doing their math, tax experts opine that an average employee with a yearly salary of $60,000 is likely to get back $112 every month, which comes to $1,344 annually.

Likewise, the average individual stock holders are likely to reap substantial financial rewards as the stock market continues to boom. Many stocks have already registered substantial gains after the announcement and implementation of the promised tax cuts.

Benefits for the Common Man

Positive changes in business conditions following the tax cuts are already translating into tangible monetary gains for the workers at the ground level. Organizations are increasingly leaning towards spending their tax benefits on higher salaries in order to ensure retention of talent in a robust, competitive market.

Businesses are also likely to pass on the benefits in terms of reduced consumer prices in order to compete in the market. While this may not exactly be great for shareholders in the short run, it spells good news for the common folks. The greater the tax savings for businesses, the greater will be the benefits for employees and consumers.

The job market is gaining momentum, there are signs of labor shortage, and bigger paychecks are likely in store. According to Moody’s Analytics, unemployment will decline to 3.5% in 2018 from the existing 4.1%. If this happens, it will be the lowest level of unemployment seen since 1969.

And that out of touch and disgusting Nancy Pelosi calls all this peanuts. Her comments prove how despicable that woman really is. If this is peanuts, what was it that Obama gave us? Dirt on the street? I will take peanuts all day long! Trump is giving us back our money while Obama took more of our money. So for Democrats to make these ridiculous comments it proves out delusional they are.

They cannot believe that Trump won and that things are going well. This is because they live in Harry Potter land and they want us to depend on them to survive. They want to control our lives. They are pathetic. They don’t believe in the private sector and they don’t believe in free will. They also don’t believe in natural law which makes them immoral.

Moody’s states that this is likely to result in wages going up significantly, making 2018 a turning point in wage growth. Obama never did anything to help Americans on this front accept allow illegals to come into America to rape American woman and to shoot at our police officers and to hit us on the street when they drive drunk. Now we have a dead NFL linebacker to boot!

Trump is Shining

Moody’s also forecasts that in 2019, wage growth is expected to touch 3.5%. If this gets realized, it will turn out to be the strongest growth since 2005. As per the latest New York Times survey, approval ratings for President Trump have now touched 46%, significantly up from 37%.

These favorable figures are likely to push up further increase as more and more people understand that tax cuts are not designed to pull down the economy, but could in fact prove to be a financial boon for most people over the next couple of years.

And Trump is not done yet either! There is still much to do! About time we are going to drill in ANWR – what does that idiot McCain think about that! Retire RINO!

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