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Did Obama Spy on Trump?
02/16/2018 Spy on Trump Benjamin Roussey
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A recent IBD/TIPP poll indicated that a large number of Americans think that the then President Obama ordered illegal surveillance of the Trump presidential campaign.

This is not good for Democrats and more critical information on this is going to come out and is coming out.  

A majority of these people support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate this probable wrongdoing by the Department of Justice (DOJ) as well as the FBI in surveilling Donald Trump. This poll was conducted from January 25th to February 2nd, 2018 and surveyed 900 individuals.

Of the people surveyed, around 55% opined that the Obama administration was guilty of politically motivated surveillance of the Trump presidential campaign in 2016. About 54% of the respondents agreed that there was need for a special counsel to investigate the matter while 44% disagreed.

This means Obama was a corrupt president and made what Nixon did small time with Watergate. Spygate trumps (no pun intended) Watergate by a magnitude of 10.

It may even be up there with what Barney Frank did which was to undermine the integrity of the real estate industry which lead to the real estate crisis. That was one stupid man (well he is not really a man) or some serious political correctness.

Americans want an Enquiry

Another question in the poll sought to know if Americans believed that senior officials or bureaucrats at the DOJ and the FBI purposely tried to frame President Trump with false charges of colluding with the Russians in an attempt to vilify his presidency.

Nearly 35% of the people polled believe that officials of the FBI and the Justice Department had indeed tried to frame the President and this number will grow when more evidence comes out which it does every day.

At least one thing is clear from these figures that Americans are anxious about everything that has been said and published about the potential illegal surveillance by the former administration against Trump, and want to see a dispassionate enquiry into the matter.

According to Joseph diGenova (a former US attorney), the DOJ, the FBI, and the Obama administration hatched this sinister plan along with the Hillary campaign as well as the DNC and the Democratic Party. This was presumably done with an aim to distract investigations and absolve Hillary Clinton of breaching the Espionage Act.

They cheated Bernie and they tried to do the same thing with Trump.

Additionally, in their attempt to keep Donald Trump from being the President, they falsely incriminated him for a fictitious crime—that of conspiring with the Russians and now we know that Hillary colluded with the Russians via her pay for play scheme.

Misuse of Federal Resources

Carter Page, a one-time volunteer for the Trump campaign, was placed under scrutiny by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. It was the FBI and the DOJ that persuaded this organization to spy on Carter, which in turn helped them monitor the entire Trump campaign as well.

Indications are clear that the Obama administration made an illegal use of federal resources to monitor a political adversary.

Nearly a year ago, President Trump had appealed to Congress for an investigation into wire-tapping of Trump Tower at the time of the election. Trump had directly pointed the finger at Barack Obama (while the charge was vehemently denied by James Clapper, Obama’s spokesperson who has no problem with selling his soul to the devil, does not care about woman, does not care about this country, and does not care about children either since all liberals puts rapists and pedophiles back into our streets).

Given the doubt in the mind of a large number of Americans about the possible fictitious charges of Russian collusion, it may not be a surprise if an enquiry is launched into the events of 2016. The truth has been uncovered and we have a timeline for everything now. People have been fired and demoted because of this and soon indictments and subpoenas will start flying around DC and the country.

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