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5 Key Reasons on How Obamacare Damaged America
02/16/2018 Obamacare Benjamin Roussey
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In 2010, Obamacare made it through Congress with a narrow margin (threats and nasty politics was practiced to put this even more disgusting law into place – but basically just politics as usual for a party that is immoral and defies the teachings of Jesus Christ everyday). In hindsight, if people had the vaguest idea about how things would unfold, it is unlikely that this healthcare act would have been made a law.

Well, not quite, because we know Democrats don’t care about Americans – their intentions is to hook more of us on government handouts so we become destitute and dependent on the system so they can increase their chances of obtaining our vote. That is called socialism and wickedness: two attributes of the Democratic party.

Supporters of the law proposed it in 2009 with gusto and optimism. The feel-good factor continued into 2010 when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed.

However, the reality today vastly differs from the expectations.

  1. Poor enrollment record: While the administration had touted Obamacare by claiming that it would bring healthcare for all, in reality, there were few enrollments. According to estimates provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, the number of enrollments in 2016 was between 9.4 million and 11.4 million.

This is in contrast to the March 2010 prediction of the Congressional Budget Office that expected around 21 million people to sign up.

  1. Higher chances of losing your doctor: On July 18th, 2009, before the ACA came into being, President Obama said you must be able to keep the doctor you liked, and not be compelled to choose a particular doctor or forced to depart from your doctor because of this new law Obama loved so much (despite never even reading it). He stressed that this was one of the highlights of Obamacare.

But the fact is, reducing the number of doctors in an insurer’s network became one quick way to achieve lower premium rates in Obamacare. This increased the possibility of individuals losing their physicians. 

  1. Dwindling health plans: On July 21st, 2009, President Obama had said that those who were happy with their current plan could continue with it. But this turned out to be a false hope or an outright lie – this is a man who watched an ambassador get killed and did nothing about it and a so called man who played golf right after an American was decapitated – hey he only cared about himself and his family. Quite a few plans were struck off because they did not satisfy ACA criteria.
  1. Soaring premiums: Contrary to President Obama’s claim that the ACA would lower annual family insurance premiums by $2,500 the swing went in the opposite direction. An assessment by Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust indicated that on an average, employer family premiums were up by $4,865. And on top of that Americans had to deal with rising taxes and other job killing regulations.

Thanks Obama!

  1. Inflated deductibles: Democrats refused to foresee that families would have to shell out thousands in medical costs before they are able to use their insurance for medical necessities except annual check-ups. They live in Harry Potter land. They did not listen to Republicans who knew all this was going to happen.

One reason why Obamacare got the support it did was because quite a few Congressmen believed that it would help solidify the foundation of the country’s health care system. These were Democrats. These were idiots. These were people who have allowed political correctness to cloud their judgment.

The exact opposite happened. Individuals and families got burdened with high healthcare expenses, insurance rates soared, choice of doctors declined, and the economy got hit hard by the additional cost burden. And this is why Trump is president now and making America better again which really is not that hard to do.

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