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Donald Trump Boosts His Position With Memo Release
02/09/2018 President Donald Trump Benjamin Roussey
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President Donald Trump scored yet another win over Democrats when he released Nunes Memo to squash the fallacious and groundless allegations against him.

The four-page document detailed behind-the-scene shenanigans undertaken by Democrats and the FBI to implicate the Trump presidential campaign for collusion with Russia. The memo not only vindicates President Trump but also exposes the hypocrisy of the opposition party.

What Does Memo Say?

The memo was written by Devin Nunes, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. The document deals with a number of contentious topics such as Carter Page’s alleged dealings with Russia. It powerfully refutes the claims made by Democrats about the authenticity of Trump’s presidential win and the ties with Russia.

The key take away from the memo is that the FBI seemed to have abused its powers to chase after Trump. The intelligence agency used a dubious dossier regarding alleged ties between Trump and Russia.

The dossier was compiled by an ex-British spy Christopher Steele and was submitted to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court for obtaining surveillance warrant against Trump. The FBI likely did not make much effort to check the veracity of the dossier.

Detailing the Underhand Tactics

The memo did an excellent job at exposing the shady tactics adopted by the Democrats and the FBI. Further, President Trump showed his commitment by upholding the public’s right to transparency. Despite protests from the opposition party, Trump boldly made the memo public. He even defied the FBI in the process as the intelligence agency issued a public statement requesting to withhold the release.

Nunes memo claims that the FBI failed to mention “material and relevant information” while it attempted to obtain a FISA warrant to put Carter Page under surveillance.

The FBI also chose to ignore that Christopher Steele was paid by law firm Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS, on behalf of the Democratic National Committee. It is not merely incidental that a senior DOJ official’s wife was working for Fusion GPS at that time. Despite such gross conflicts of interest, FBI chose to go ahead with the dossier.

The memo further states that the surveillance warrant against Page was renewed three more times. Each warrant was valid for 90 days and the renewals were granted over the period of next 360 days. The timeline puts all these actions close to the election date, casting a question mark over the motives behind such moves.

The Democrat Response

Democrats tried their best to stop the release of the memo. Their actions were clearly against public welfare as they sought to restrict such vital information from becoming accessible to the masses. The opposition further showed its pettiness by furiously trashing the memo. However, they have not been able to come up with a credible rebuttal because there is none.

This is what we know:

  • Hillary is a liar and a cheater like we have always known
  • Obama had to know about it and is a cheater too
  • The mainstream media is covering up for this corruption
  • Obama spied on Americans on Trump
  • Obama used the FBI and the Justice Department to attack and hurt Trump turning America into a 3rd world banana republic
  • Democrats lied to a judge

Democrats are now on their way to release their own memo. However, it is highly unlikely they will be able to cover their tracks. The House Intelligence Committee has already voted for the memo to be publicly released. While the memo is still a ‘classified’ document, the disgusting democrats have indicated that it will try to defend the FBI stance on Page.

The memo has been sent to the White House and is available for everyone to see and is proof the Democrats are liars and cheaters. In any case, it will be an uphill task for democrats as they try to salvage their position. Many of them will be fired and should be prosecuted.

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