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Trump's Davos Speech Shows His Sincerity And His Vision For The Country
02/03/2018 Davos Speech Benjamin Roussey
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President Donald Trump recently addressed over 2,000 global elites during the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. The president put forth a new vision for the world and the US’ place in ensuring that the world moves ahead in an egalitarian and fair manner.

The speech drew accolades at home and abroad for its forthrightness and pragmatism. The president touched upon various issues, ranging from global peace to global trade and showed that the US is all set to lead the world into a new direction.

Economic Vision

Long before he became the US president, Trump was a consummate businessman, who achieved unparallel success in his diverse ventures, despite a plethora of roadblocks (like severe competition!). President Trump draws from his experience as a savvy businessman to consolidate the US position as a global economic leader.

In his speech, president Trump elaborated upon his vision for the upliftment of the US economy and its trade relationships with other countries. He pointed out the unprecedented rise shown by the stock market in the US, which eventually led to the rise in global stock market indices. He also alluded to tax reforms undertaken in the US which are expected to not only boost economic growth but also produce more jobs.

President Trump also underscored the new initiatives undertaken by the government to make the country more investment friendly. These steps such as regulation curtailments will make it easy to establish and carry out businesses in the US, attracting higher foreign investments. Higher investment will ensure better economic growth for the US and the world.

Trade Reforms

While the US interests remain of paramount importance to the current administration, the government is also looking out for the well-balanced global growth. The US is now pushing for the trade policies which do not sacrifice the US interests. Trump unveiled new tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines recently.

However, in his Davos speech, he offered strong rationale behind the move. The new tariffs are not only expected to offer a boost to domestic producers but also are likely to encourage foreign exporters to up their game, instead of relying on lower foreign tariffs.

President Trump also indicated that the US is committed to international trade. However, instead of going for multilateral trade deals which could adversely impact the US economy, the country is now likely to favor bilateral treaties where the interests of both parties are secured in a fair manner.

Putting America First

Despite president’s assurance to the world that the US is looking to have fair and equitable relationship with them, it was clear that the US interests are still foremost for the president. However, he clarified very eloquently that “America first is not America alone.” With these words, he ushered the US into a new world of global cohesiveness.

Trump also exhorted other countries to take care of their interests by saying, “the leaders of other countries should put their countries first.” The statement came as a refreshing breather from the stale liberal rhetoric of putting the putting global interests over national interests, a policy which eventually led to the detriment of all the parties involved. 

Europe though has already several hurt itself by allowing in all those anti democracy, anti woman, and anti progress Muslims who have warped views and who worship God in the wrong way. Their sloppy and misguided religion should not be respected and sexual assault is up in every neighborhood were Muslims live.

Europe has been devastated by the terrorist attacks in the past few years but they did it to themselves. They allowed Muslims in and they did not do enough to combat ISIS (Obama’s JV team).

The president also refrained from indulging in geopolitics issues and instead talked about things which were relevant to the economic forum. This way the president not only respected the US but other countries as well by refusing to indulge in critical topics because he did not want lay the truth out too much to this soft and Harry Potter bunch.  

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