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Why Democrat Response to Amnesty Plan is Bad for Nation
02/03/2018 Amnesty Plan Benjamin Roussey
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Political correctness is a disease and it has made liberals be liberals. There is no other explanation to it. Liberals put rapists back on the street do not even caring about their wives, mothers, or daughters. And liberal females do not even care about their own safety!

Why would you be soft on crime? Why ignore the fact that open borders does not help America, it has devastated California, for instance.

After a tumultuous year which saw the Trump administration introduce a number of groundbreaking initiatives to fix a broken immigration system, it seems clear that democrats are not ready to learn from their past mistakes.

Their utter disregard for the welfare of the United States of America and its people became even more apparent as they opposed highly pragmatic immigration reforms outlined during the State of the Union.

Multi-Faceted Immigration Reform Plan

The Trump administration immigration plan takes multi-pronged approach which not only seeks to safeguard the interests of the Americans but also ensures that the immigrants, legal or otherwise, are treated in a humane and fair manner.

 The new plan paves the path of citizenship for over 1.8 million young illegal immigrants. However, in order to protect the country, it also proposes souped up security measures at the borders and tighter immigration.

The plan also makes provision of $25 billion for erecting a wall along the southern border. Other notable feature of the plan is to halt the process of chain migration where a person, after migrating to the United States, is able to bring more of their unskilled, non English speaking, unproductive family members into the country which hurts African Americans the most. The administration is also looking to end the Diversity Visa Lottery and institute a more viable alternative plan.

The Response to Proposed Reforms

This well balanced and highly innovative plan offers substantial props to all the parties and has received positive response from the populace. However, the political response to the plan was predictable as Democrats seem to be hell bent on opposing every proposal put forth by the administration, just for the sake of. Most of the arguments brought forth by the Democrats are either low on facts or low on logic or both. 

The proposed deadline for phasing out DACA is scheduled to run out in March this year. While the deadline is on hold due to a recent federal court ruling, the stubborn democrat stance is likely to delay the drafting of new alternative plan.

The plan has been criticized on the ground that amnesty move will still leave out a large number of young people who were brought into this country as illegal immigrants. In proposing this line of reasoning, Democrats completely discount the negative impact of unchecked illegal immigration on the national economy and security condition.

Democratic Dogmatism

Democrats did not hesitate to hold the entire country to ransom when they closed down the federal government for nearly 70 hours to express their misgivings about the immigration reforms. This action showed their utter disregard for the democratic values of this country and MS13 victims!

Instead of lauding the lenient approach taken by the plan, which plans to bring breather to over 1.8 million young illegal immigrants, Democrats are looking to expand the scope of the plan to cover nearly 3.6 million illegal immigrants. However, Democrats do not have any concrete plan to address various issues such as the provision of jobs and social security.

They also blatantly ignore the fact that the additional number of illegal immigrants are the ones who are not only illegal but also did not either match the criterion for enrolling in the DACA plan or simply did not bother to go through the procedure.

With the current stance taken by the job killing and unethical Democrats, they are completely ignoring the mandate issued by US citizens. They will suffer even more in November.

Americans are dreamers too!

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