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How Liberal Policies Have Ensured That Sacramento Remains an Unlivable Hellhole
01/27/2018 Liberal Policies Benjamin Roussey
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Conservative policies create things, while liberal policies destroy them. It holds true for cities, countries, and even entire civilizations. If you need proof, look no further than the city of Sacramento. Once considered an ideal place to move to, now people are fleeing the violent and uninspiring city, and the state of California itself, in droves. Why are they doing so? Let us find out.

High Taxes

High tax rate is a hallmark of a liberal city. If you happen to live in Sacramento or any other major city in California for that matter, chances are more than 50% of your income is going towards taxes alone. The state tax rate is 8.25%, which is outrageously high. Even people with high-paying jobs are finding it hard to save and invest their money, as there is hardly anything left after spending on essentials and paying taxes.

Hostile Business Environment

Businesses are fleeing California in droves due to the hostile regulatory climate and the excessively high tax rate. The burden is too much to bear for businesses of all sizes – from small businesses to large corporations. They are moving to places like Texas, Arizona, and other conservative cities where there are fewer regulations, taxes are lower, and politicians are not hostile towards job creators.

They are going to Nevada as well and other low tax environs.

High Crime Rate

This is yet another hallmark of liberal cities across the country. Violent crime rate in Sacramento has increased considerably in the past decade and is showing no signs of decreasing any time in the future. There are two reasons behind this fiasco.

First, Proposition 47, which was passed in 2014, reduced a number of drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. As a result, people who ought to be rotting in prison are now freely roaming around in the city, terrorizing innocent civilians, ruining neighborhoods, making South Sacramento a war zone and a 3rd world country, and the poverty pimps assail the business community and the hard workers as if it is their fault that most of Sacramento is a pile of crap made that way via liberalism and political correctness.

Now the War on Drugs has failed but most of Sacramento, Oak Park, Meadowview, and about a dozen other parts have been smashed with a lack of jobs because of high taxes and Sacramento elites liberal policies. Political correctness has also derailed the school system which is why kids graduate from high school from McClatchy to Burbank and can barely read. It is a joke!

Some English teachers at the high schools are so lazy they assign about 3 assignments for the entire year. They call themselves teachers, they are nothing but pathetic individuals who could never hold a real job where they are actually expected to do something every hour of the day.

Secondly, the geniuses in Sacramento thought that they could somehow manage without adequate security for citizens and enforced deep budget cuts to the state police force. Vacant positions were deliberately left unfilled, entire units of vice, narcotics, and undercover gang squads were disbanded, and police offers were instructed to only respond to serious crimes like murder and sexual assault – completely ignoring minor traffic accidents, burglaries, and other such crimes that were considered too petty to respond to by the administration.

Today, Sacramento is witnessing an alarming increase in violent crimes like murder, rape, burglary, and aggravated assault. Thousands of crimes are reported every year and citizens are terrified most of these atrocious neighborhoods.  

Illegal Immigration

California is home to the largest number of illegal aliens in the entire country, which is outrageous. There are sanctuary cities in the state that take in refugees by the thousands on a regular basis. There are ghettos all over, where illegal aliens squat with their extended families and terrorize the local population. As a result, people are moving out of not just the city of Sacramento, but the state of California itself. It is estimated that over 600,000 people leave California every year.

These mainly real Americans are being replaced in California by immigrants who do not speak English and who have no skills. They are basically people who do not contribute well to the fabric of America.

Liberal Degeneracy

School children in California are taught the benefits of LGBTQ alternative lifestyles. Children as young as five years old are forced to watch sick propaganda movies that celebrate degeneracy and licentious behavior. They are even forced to get STD vaccines, due to the widespread increase in sexually transmitted infections all over the state.

Public universities in California are hosting talks on ‘animal based sex fetishes’, politicians are mulling to make it a crime to call people by the wrong pronoun, state-funded travel to anti-LGBTQ states is prohibited, and mental health professionals in the country say that ‘young Californians are mentally affected by President Trump’s policies’ because he actually expects them to work for a living. How dare he!  

Simply put, California is a lunatic asylum. No wonder common people are fleeing to other states to retain their sanity!

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