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Schumer Shutdown Shows That Democrats Care More About Illegal Aliens Than American Citizens
01/27/2018 Engineered by Democrats Benjamin Roussey
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The government shutdown engineered by Democrats last week (mid January) proved yet again that they are a bunch of unethical criminals who will stoop to any low to push their agenda. The shutdown, which coincided with the first year anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, also showed that they care more about illegal aliens than American citizens.

Government Shutdowns in the Past

Shutdowns are not new to our country by any stretch of imagination. There have been a total of 18 federal government shutdowns so far in the past four decades. The ruling party and the opposition routinely disagree over spending plans and various other issues, which is what usually results in a shutdown.

In the past four decades, there have been shutdowns over serious issues like defense spending, abortion, civil rights bill, and public works jobs programs. The recent shutdown, in stark contrast, was about illegal aliens (many of them rapists and community thugs), which is utterly disgraceful.

Schumer Shutdown over DACA

Chuck Schumer, and the entire gang of Democrats and his poverty pimp party, wanted an assurance from the government that the so called ‘Dreamers’ will not be deported from the country. It made no sense whatsoever for two reasons.

First, illegal immigration has nothing to do with government spending. Funding the government is far more important and should be the first priority for politician who actually thinks they are a real American which Democrats are not, even if they disagree with each other on how much money is spent and on what issues.

Secondly, the DACA deadline is still a month away and there is absolutely no rush to find a solution to the Dreamers problem right now. Democrats could have easily dealt with the government funding issue first and then raised the issue of DACA deal sometime in the next few weeks. But they wanted to hold the entire country hostage just so they can secure the future of illegal immigrants, who should not even be here in the first place.

Never before in the history of the United States has an opposition party behaved in such a blatantly unethical and shameless manner!

If the Dreamers want to see their parents they need to go back to the country where their parents should have remained in the first place.

Result of the Shutdown

President Trump, thankfully, did not cave into the unethical and unfair demands of Democrats and called their bluff. The shutdown came to an end quickly and Democrats have gained nothing in the process, except for the fact that they denied wages for hard-working Americans, including our soldiers, for three whole days.

What is even more disgusting is that Schumer is not the least bit repentant about bringing the country to a halt for the sake of a bunch of illegal aliens. He stated that he was ‘very pleased’ with the way things have turned out and they have made major progress towards a legislative fix for Dreamers.

Unconditional Love for Aliens, Unfiltered Hate for Citizens

That Democrats do not love this country is a fact that we are all aware of. They call illegal aliens ‘Dreamers’, while deriding our own citizens by calling them ‘Deplorables’.

They choose to hire illegal aliens over our own people. They are even willing to shut down the entire government and deprive our people, including the troops who guard us from sea to shining sea, of their hard-earned pay for the sake of illegal aliens. This is what every American should remember as we head into the 2018 midterm elections as well as the presidential elections in 2020.

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