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Trump's Groundbreaking Decisions Mark the Beginning of a New Era
01/20/2018 President Donald Trump Benjamin Roussey
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In a little over a year, President Donald Trump has taken a number of bold decisions, which broke the status quo followed by his predecessors.

His groundbreaking decisions impacted a wide range of areas including environment and immigration. These decisions have changed the course of US politics and are likely to have long term impact in domestic and international sectors.

Pulling out of Paris Accord

President Trump changed the longstanding US environment policy when he decided to pull out of the anti-American Paris Accord. The announcement in this regard was made in July last year. Essentially, president Trump took the stand to protect the US interests, which were severely compromised with the terms and conditions of Paris Accord.

The pragmatism of this bold step lies in the fact that the administration had made it clear that the country may stay in the pact, provided the terms and conditions are renegotiated to protect the interests of the US.

The decision makes sense as the accord had put a number of obligations on the US coffers as the country was expected to dole out substantial contribution to various environmental causes such as the UN Green Climate Fund which is a joke and a sham.

Earth’s temperature has been fluctuating for millions or years, someone needs to tell liberals that!  


Immigration is one of the sectors which saw several bold policy decisions taken by President Trump. The main aim of the new immigration policies is to protect the US interests as well as the interests of its citizens. Trump announced the repeal of Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents or DAPA. The plan was put in action by Obama administration in 2010 who admitted it was unconstitutional.

The other program launched by the failed and radical Obama administration in 2012 called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA has also been put in the dock by the pragmatist and job creating Trump (dam it is awesome he is president!). These steps are expected to send a strong signal to illegal immigrants looking to enter the country and then stay here indefinitely.


Trump is putting the spotlight back on the US. The hallmarks of Trump’s economic policies are protectionism and renewed focus on developing natural resources based industries, which essentially means that the oil companies and coal mining corporations are back in business.

Such traditional industries are important for the US economies as these companies generate employment for blue collar workers, unlike new age industries such as software companies which generate employment for college educated people.

In order to bring the jobs back to the rural US, it is important to provide stimuli to such traditional industries. Trump has introduced reformed taxation system which will help restore the profitability of the corporate sector, and help them generate more profits and higher employment.


Unlike previous administrations, which overburdened the system with over-regulation and consequently bigger governments, Trump has endeavored to govern the country with minimal government regulation, thereby reducing the burden on exchequer.

In the past one year, the president has significantly reduced the permanent staff working with various federal offices. According to some studies, the federal government size was reduced by over 10,000 employees during the first six months of Trump administration, bucking the trend set by previous governments. Outstanding!

These steps underscore the fact that Trump is not averse to step away from hitherto populist approach taken by previous governments. By taking these policy measures, Trump is bringing about systematic change in the way government works.

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