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The Trump Administration Ends TPS For 200,000 El Salvador Refugees
01/14/2018 El Salvador Refugees Benjamin Roussey
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President Donald Trump moved forward to fulfill one of his key election promises as he announced the withdrawal of TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for certain nationals of El Salvador.

The move is likely to impact more than 200,000 immigrants who do not speak English and who threaten jobs of low skilled Americans. Now they need to find an alternative legal way to stay in the US or move out of the US within 18 months. All real Americans also know these unskilled people are highly likely to leaches on our society; they are most likely to be on public assistance of some sort which is not impressive at all.

How many trillions is America in debt?

The latest order concerning El Salvadorians is just a part of Trump’s crusade to overhaul the US immigration system (which is decades overdue), which has lately become a major liability to the country by allowing unprecedented number of under qualified people to come to the US. Democrats love this since they know real Americans do not vote for them in high numbers. Democrats depend on illegals for votes – how disgusting and pitiful is that?

Democrats do not care about these people – they only want that vote!

Even tech liberals like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs want skilled foreigners to be able to remain in this country after graduating from one of our universities. We need skilled people, not future long term food stamp recipients.

The Backlash

As expected, the tough and pragmatic decision has been met with stiff resistance. The left has derided the decision on humanitarian grounds, without understanding the fundamentals behind the original Temporary Protected Status scheme. Others have called it a violation of immigrants’ human rights when it is really a violation of tax payer dollars and America’s budget!

However, the opponents of the decision have again showed their lack of comprehension on immigration laws. As the name suggests, the Temporary Protected Status plan is meant to provide timely relief to people coming from countries going through difficult times. The idea had wide scope as it catered to the nations suffering from various calamities ranging from war (like Obama’s JV team of ISIS) to natural disasters.

Temporary! Not permanent! Go back and fix your own country! Need weapons, ask us, we can give you some if that is what it will take to make your country safer.

The El Salvador Saga

The story of El Salvadorian immigrants under TPS dates to 2001, when the country was ravaged by a strong earthquake. Under the scheme, not only El Salvadorians were welcomed into the US but were also allowed to work legally.

However, what started as temporary relief to the nationals of damaged countries, kept getting dragged on as the scheme was renewed 10 times. Long story short, after long 17 years, these El Salvadorians are still in the US and are still taking up the jobs which ideally should have gone to legal Americans. To make things worse, these people neither went back to the country nor made any attempt to legalize their stay in the US.

Many of them did join MS-13 though which is akin to a terrorist group. They have raped and pillaged!

They have taken away jobs from real Americans. The situation is especially bad for blue collar workers, who are also getting hit by job outsourcing and increasing automation (well, certainly in high tax states like California and New York!).

In such cases, the US cannot afford to keep providing shelter to immigrants who undercut the wages in unskilled labor segment to drive out genuine American workers.

Immigration Policy Overhaul

Trump stands out from his predecessors by taking a bold policy step. Until now, the presidents simply chose to keep renewing the TPS scheme without having the guts to stand up for American blue collar workers and their rights. Trump so far has granted this privilege to South Sudan, a country which is still being destroyed by war. However, he stripped three countries of their TPS status.

Trump’s decision about El Salvador is expected to deliver a strong message to potential immigrants to the United States. The crackdown shows that the US is no longer willing to tolerate illegal immigration to its soil. This move should help the economy by opening up new job opportunities and benefit neighboring countries as well.

Lax immigration policies have resulted in people from impoverished countries sacrificing their houses, property, and even their lives to enter into the US. With tighter controls (like the wall!), the business of human trafficking across the border will become less lucrative, saving thousands of people’s lives and well-being, making Trump a humanitarian in the true sense of the word.

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