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Donald Trump Bucks Populist Trends With Bold Policy Measures
01/14/2018 Republicans Benjamin Roussey
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Donald Trump may have won the presidency using the Republican platform, but multi-talented Trump had flexible political affiliations until he assumed the office.

While he was making his mark as an astute businessman and media personality, Trump hobnobbed with big wigs from both major parties. Even now, the president has risen above murky partisan lines and has shown a great deal of pragmatism in his bold policy measures.

Republican Point of View

Donald Trump’s faith in Republican credo may be unassailable, but Trump, so far, has shown fortitude in making up his own mind in several key decision areas. One of the biggest issues concerning US society and economy is immigration.

While even legal immigration has led to many issues such as threat to safety, loss of job opportunities, and deterioration of cultural identity, it is illegal immigration which has played havoc. Trump took a number of courageous decisions to ensure that illegal immigration is brought down to a bare minimum but America still has a long way to go. This step alone proved that unlike his predecessors, Trump is not averse to getting out of the comfort zone and sticking to his convictions.

He is perhaps the first president in a long time to actually carry out his campaign processes. This is something the disgusting mainstream media cannot deal with. They are beholden to the sickness that inhabits their brain which is political correctness.

Someone needs to create a panacea that eradicates the political correctness out of someone’s brain. No one has invented that yet. 

Immigration Issues

While Republicans in general are in favor of controlled immigration, Trump is more vocal in this regard. His repeal of Temporary Protected Status plan for certain countries showed that the president can walk the walk. Why would someone want to allow people into this country from hostile countries? Does America want to have another Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston Bombing, and so on? Apparently many Americans have short term memories!

While previously, even Republican presidents chose to follow the trend and kept extending detrimental immigration schemes such as DACA and TPS, Trump upset the proverbial apple cart and actually implemented the policy measures.

Economy and International Trade

The economy has shown wonderful growth during Trump’s tenure as benchmark stock market indices keep creating new all time highs. The unemployment rate is consistently coming down while job creation in the market has shown new vigor.

The president has taken numerous steps to boost economic growth which included tax reforms, making the overall environment more conducive to carry out business. Some of the new sops extended to economic sectors include deregulation and renewed interest in boosting infrastructure. These steps have already shown their impact, but their long implications are likely to put the US economy in secular upward trend.

Trump is reinventing international trade as well, where he has made it clear that he is no longer interested in trade pacts which restrict US rights.

His views about NAFTA are all too well known and his stance on Americanism vs. Globalism is more intense than point of view held by most of the Republicans. The new wave of Americanism will help promote domestic businesses and ensure that an average American has opportunities at their disposal and just looking at a food stamp future which was the Obama answer for everything.

Sorry Obama, household income fell during your reign (wages were stagnant too) and that would have been the case if you were president for 100 years. Your regulations and high taxes were an albatross around the private sector’s neck. Though we know you did not care – you only cared/care about your own family.

Social Issues

Trump has steered Republican stance towards more pragmatic and practical views with regard to several social issues. Starting with pro-life policy amendments to the drafting of transgenders in the armed forces, Trump is blazing new trails.

During his tenure so far, he has shown extreme courage in taking various steps which met with resistance from his detractors, but he has not let such impediments come in the way of his end goals. Trump’s decision to ban transgenders from serving in the armed forces has boosted the morale of military members. If you do not know what sex you should be you should not be walking around with a loaded weapon. A simple concept!

While Trump remains faithful to Republican ideology, he has clearly shown that he is willing to go above and beyond party manifesto when it comes to ensure the wellbeing of the US and its citizens.

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