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The Federal Courts’ Decision to Allow Transgendered People into the Military is a Disaster Waiting to Happen
01/05/2018 Transgender Ban Benjamin Roussey
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In what could be considered a flagrant act of judicial overreach, two federal appeals courts in Washington and Virginia have rejected the Trump administration’s proposal to ban transgender recruits from joining the military. It is a terrible decision, one which could have very serious consequences in the long run.

There may be a lot more accidental shootings in the military that is for sure.

Trump’s Transgender Ban 

The US Military has always had restrictions regarding the recruitment of transgendered people into the army. The restrictions were removed by Obama, who not only allowed people with gender dysphoria to serve in the military, but also paid for their gender reassignment surgery using the taxpayer’s money.

What if we pay for this disgusting surgery and then they just leave the military? What if they do something that forces them to get kicked out like smoke some marijuana but are really doing this just to get a free sex change?

Last year in July, Trump announced that he will be reinstating the restrictions, which will effectively ban transgender people from serving in the military in any capacity. The decision drew the ire of the entire liberal establishment, who thinks the army as a place for conducting social justice experiments.

These freaks may go missing out in the field. Oh well, you should not have joined!

The ban came as a relief to men and women in the military who had to tiptoe around their transgendered comrades lest they offend them in any way. You know, if a man who ‘identifies’ as a woman wants to use the ladies rest room, you cannot deny his request. If you do so, you will be accused of ‘transphobia’ – a new term added to the liberal lexicon of offensive language.

We may see rape rates increase!

If you do not know what sex you should be you certainly should not be holding a weapon!

The Atrocious Ruling by the Federal Courts

By overturning Trump’s ban, the judges have basically declared themselves to be the commanders-in-chief of the military. They have not demonstrated even the slightest regard to the potential consequences their disastrous ruling could have.

Again, these disgusting judges have just signed a death warrant for many of these losers who cannot decide what sex they should be. Since liberals love Iran so much, these sexual freaks should be sent to Iran and the world can see what Muslims think about these nutcases.

The Dangers of Allowing Transgender Recruits in Military

First of all, transgendered people are not as physically fit and strong as regular people. How do you expect a woman who identifies as a man to do the heavy lifting that an actual man does? How do you expect women to feel safe around a man who identifies as a woman?

Transgendered people suffer from a condition called gender dysphoria, which makes them vulnerable to mental disorders. Studies show that transgendered people are likely to have suicidal and self-harming tendencies and are a threat to themselves and those around them. Even if they undergo gender reassignment surgery, there is a significant risk of these mental issues resurfacing in the future.

There is a solution to this problem. Just a few friendly fire incidents that eliminate these sexual freaks and they will not join the military anymore. They can fall over the side in the middle of the ocean in the navy too. These people are putting outstanding and honorable Americans at risk. That is disgusting and they are taking our safety for granted.  

The battle field is a place where you fight to kill. There is absolutely no room for any reservation or affirmative action on a battle field. If you are physically and mentally fit, you get to have the honor of defending your country. If not, tough luck. That is how it used to be in the past, before Saint Obama removed all the restrictions and opened the army barracks to all kinds of freak shows.

The Trump administration has decided against challenging the ruling, which is a temporary setback for us. The Department of Defense, however, has announced that it will be releasing a study on the potential complications of allowing transgendered people in the military. After it is released, we can expect the administration to defend the President’s authority as the commander-in-chief and get the ban reinstated as quickly as possible.

That is just plain common sense. If you do not know what sex you should be you have no business walking around with live ammunition and a weapon. This cannot be stated enough.

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