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Why The United States Should Stop Funding The UN Relief And Works Agency
12/26/2017 UN Relief Benjamin Roussey
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The Trump administration is furious with the United Nations for passing a resolution to condemn the United States’ official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and rightly so. A total of 128 countries voted against the US and supported the illegitimate claims of the Palestinian state.

If the Palestinians were so righteous they would be welcome in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and so on but those countries do not even want the Palestinians in their country.

The resolution expressed ‘deep regret’ and asked the international community to refrain from recognizing Jerusalem like the US did. It was undoubtedly one of the most shameful moments in the history of the UN.

And they have already been punished for it and the punishment will continue. America has already taken some its UN funding back to the tune of $285 million. Hopefully, that is just the beginning. 

The Shameful Double Standards of the UN

The United Nations singled out the US and condemned it for acting in accordance with its long-standing policy and looking out for its best interests – something that every sovereign nation ought to do. The resolution was supported by Turkey and Yemen, two Islamic countries where non-Muslims are treated like second-class citizens.

What is funny is that the UN does not have the courage or moral clarity to condemn the terrorist Palestinian regime while passing resolution after resolution against Israel for defending itself against Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists. What is even funnier is that the same UN does not have a problem with having Saudi Arabia, Cuba, and Venezuela in its Human Rights Council.

Saudi Arabia – the country that flogs women if they dare to step out of their home without wearing a burqa. It is also the country that is responsible for directly funding Islamic terrorist organizations around the world. The country is also a member of the UN’s Women’s Rights Commission! Can you think of a bigger joke?

The UN is a disgrace. It is a politically correct quagmire.

US Funding to UN

The United States remains the single largest donor to the UN to date, offering hundreds of millions every year. We contribute more than $300 million to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) alone, which cares for the so-called Palestinian refugees. While other countries like Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar shed copious amounts of tears for the refugees, they do not contribute anywhere close to what we do year after year.

Isn’t it funny? Filthy rich Middle Eastern countries, where oil rig owners drive around in gold plated cars, are hesitant to take care of their own Islamic brothers in Palestine. America, which is portrayed as a global villain by all and sundry, is the only one to do so!

What Needs to be Done

The UN has a long history of siding with our enemies, despite operating from our soil and receiving millions in funds from us every year. The latest resolution, however, has crossed all limits. For way too long, Arab nations, with the active compliance of the UN, have manipulated the international community into donating millions for the so-called refugees, whose sole intention is to bring down Israel one way or the other.

Moreover, it does not make any sense to have a separate UN agency only for the Palestinians, which gives them a special status. Why are they not being treated like other refugees? How are they any different from the persecuted minority communities in Islamic countries around the world – Christians in Egypt, Hindus in Pakistan, and so on?

It is about time Trump called the UNRWA’s bluff. We should stop funding this organization which is the very opposite of every principle we stand for. Nikki Haley has made a good start by tearing into the hypocrisy of UN on a public platform. Trump needs to back up her words with action – stop the funding. Let the international community that sheds tears for the Palestinians fund the agency themselves!

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