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How Obama Derailed The DEA’s Campaign to Bring Down Hezbollah
12/26/2017 Hezbollah leadership Benjamin Roussey
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It seems there is no end to the list of crimes committed by the Obama administration. A recent report from Politico says that the President undermined the Drug Enforcement Administration’s efforts to disrupt the activities of Hezbollah’s global criminal network, just so he could secure the disgusting Iran deal which is already falling apart.

When you sponsor terrorism, you do not deserve any of your money back! It is amazing liberals cannot comprehend this. Is it their weakness or immorality that clouds their judgment?  

Hezbollah’s Rise into a Global Network

At one point, Hezbollah was a Middle East based militant and political outfit, which focused entirely on Israel. Slowly, it morphed into global crime syndicate, specializing in money laundering, drugs, and weapons trafficking, and a number of other criminal activities – just like many other Islamic terror outfits operating in various other parts of the world.

It was at this point that the DEA decided to disrupt Hezbollah’s global crime network and prevent it from spreading further. To do so, the DEA joined hands with a number of other agencies and started a campaign called ‘Project Cassandra’ with the sole intention of bringing down the terror network.

The DEA’s Success

For eight long years, the DEA agents, along with many others, toiled hard and mapped the global network of Hezbollah, tracked down its drug trafficking cartels around the world, and amassed a large amount of evidence and witnesses required to implicate the topmost leadership of Hezbollah and their supporters in Iran.

Obama’s Interruption Saves Hezbollah

Just when the DEA was about to close in on the key figures in Hezbollah leadership and in Iranian government, Obama interfered and derailed the agency’s efforts to prosecute the people involved in the crime network. The agents who were involved in the investigation say that the Obama administration declined to file criminal charges against Hezbollah’s leaders, Iranian authorities, and other influential people who were involved in the criminal network. 

Officials in the Justice Department outright declined the DEA’s requests to investigate, prosecute, and arrest those involved in the crime ring (Loretta Lynch is just a solid American – what a righteous person!). The Treasury Department, on the other hand, declined the requests to impose financial sanctions against those involved. On the whole, the entire administration was hostile to the DEA just so the Iran deal could be passed without any difficulty.

The DEA says that it was the most significant campaign launched against a global terrorist network in a long time, only to be derailed by a government that was busy chasing the mirage of global nuclear disarmament.

The Failed Iran Deal

The most frustrating part is that Obama’s Iran deal was not nearly as good as they claimed it to be. Despite the so called ‘disarmament deal’, Iran still has the technology to make nuclear weapons, it still continues to enrich uranium, and has a number of secret sites that are off limits to American personnel, despite the fact that Obama promised everyone that our officials would be allowed to investigate Iranian nuclear sites anytime, anywhere, without any restrictions.

To secure this dud of a deal, Obama actively derailed and undercut what was one of the most effective anti-terror campaigns in recent history. Incompetent does not even begin to describe this travesty! It also leads to the question – what other compromises did Obama make to pursue his administration’s ridiculously idealistic foreign policies?

Anyone with half a clue should have known the Iran nuclear deal was flawed from the beginning and horrendous. Why would you give back a country set on working against us and killing us billions of dollars? Makes no sense!

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