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New York Ailing From Massive Domestic Migration and High Crime Rate
12/23/2017 Domestic Migration Benjamin Roussey
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If you are a decent, hard-working American, a liberal-ruled state is probably the last place you might want to live in. If you need proof, look no further than New York – a place infested with high crime rate, job loss, migration of people, and liberal degeneracy.

It is a wonderful place if you want to see a homeless person defecating in public. This city is trying to rival decrepit San Francisco!

Job Loss and Migration

Statistics show that 126,000 people moved out of New York in 2014 and 191,000 did so in 2015. What is interesting is that many of these people are high earners – making more than $200,000 per year. They are moving out because of two reasons – ridiculously high property taxes and a hostile business climate. Fittingly, a majority of them are moving to Texas and other states that have a lower cost of living, lower taxes, and a business-friendly environment.

The outward migration of taxpayers from New York is not a recent phenomenon by any means. For decades, the state has been losing the largest number of people to other states via domestic migration but it has ramped up in the last couple of years because NYC has become a cesspool and the state is a high tax state.

Buffalo is a quagmire, for example. That is a lost city, ran into the ground by liberals just like what has happened to most of The Big Apple.  

Out with Americans, In with Immigrants

On the other hand, New York has seen a sharp increase in the number of migrants who flock to the state every year. It is quite similar to California – Americans are moving out in thousands and are replaced by immigrants from every corner of the world who do not speak English, do not have any valuable skills, and will never assimilate.

The only difference is that California remains a sanctuary for the largest number of illegal aliens; whereas New York mostly receives legal immigrants, though the state does have its share of illegal aliens. California is another story in its own right which continues to lose jobs and businesses to Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and other low tax states.

Liberals just cannot figure it out!

High Crime Rate

Now, crime is something that the average New Yorker is quite used to. A couple of decades back, NYC and many other cities in the state were teeming with criminals and were considered the most dangerous places to live in this country. It all changed when Rudy Giuliani cracked the whip and tamed the crime syndicates operating out of the city which really helped improve the quality of life for everyone in the state.

Today, the situation is deteriorating again and actually already has to pitiful and worrisome levels. Homicide rates in the state have steadily increased in the past couple of years. The liberal idiots who are in charge of The Empire State are predictably blaming it on firearms and pushing for stringent gun control laws. This is despite the fact that New York already has very strict gun laws and it is harder to buy a gun here than most other places in the country.

And criminals do not care about the laws! The only people these asinine laws effect are law abiding citizens. Though parents should be accountable if they allow their video game played moronic son to take their gun which is sitting on the kitchen counter to go shoot up a school. Those wayward and braindead parents should be punished but this is another topic.

Policemen Scared to Do Their Job

The worst part is that the police are simply afraid to do their job. And why wouldn’t they be? Any time they shoot down a violent thug or even defend themselves against an armed criminal, they are called ‘racists’, ‘fascists’, ‘jack booted thugs’, and all sorts of irrational names. In addition to that, they also have to face the fury of numerous civil rights groups who are happy to defend hardened criminals and hate law enforcement with a passion.

Basically, New York is turning into an unlivable place. It needs another Rudy Giuliani, but sadly it is governed by a pathetic man like Bill de Blasio, who shields criminals and potential Islamic terrorists from law enforcement. The migration from New York to other states will continue and this idiot just does not get it nor care. It’s not a bad thing though; what’s New York’s loss is Texas’s, Florida’s, Georgia’s….gain!

This is why when liberals are victims of a crime or a terrorist attack they really committed the crime against themselves. They are the ones who created that criminal and allowed that criminal to be released from prison much earlier than they should have been released. Point the finger at yourself!

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