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The Lisa Bloom Episode Shows That Liberals Are Never To Be Trusted
12/23/2017 Lisa Bloom Benjamin Roussey
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The Lisa Bloom episode shows that you can never trust liberals – and liberal women are no exception. They will lie, cheat, and bully their way into getting what they want. They will not hesitate to malign others at the drop of a hat if it means furthering their political or career ambitions.

Paydays for Trump Accusers

It seems Lisa Bloom prepared, coached, and incentivized the women who accused Donald Trump of sexually inappropriate behavior, when he was running for the office last year. The deal she offered the women included large payments, TV deals, and plenty of publicity.

She even colluded with political action committees that supported Hillary Clinton to make sure Trump received plenty of negative publicity right before the elections. How did that work out for you, Lisa?

It worked out great for America though! Certainly all real Americans – Americans who actually work for a living!

Defending Harvey Weinstein

Bloom has the distinction of defending Harvey Weinstein, whose series of sexual misconducts is almost as long as that of his friend – Bill Clinton. Bloom tried to justify the decision by saying that Weinstein was ‘from a different era’, he was a ‘changed man’, and he was willing to ‘pay for his mistakes’. The truth, however, is that Weinstein was producing a TV series based on Bloom’s book. Seeing dollar signs before her eyes, Bloom chose to defend Weinstein.

When the scandals became too sensational to be ignored, she dumped Weinstein and said that she had made a mistake. You know, we all make tiny little mistakes like defending serial rapists, right?

Silencing Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan is one of the victims of Harvey Weinstein and was instrumental in outing him. She has accused Bloom of trying to silence her by offering her millions of dollars. Apparently, Bloom wanted McGowan to offer a glowing testimony of Weinstein – how he is a changed man now and deserves a second chance. McGowan not only turned down the offer, but publicly shamed Bloom by telling her side of the story on social media. 

Defending Roy Price

Women’s rights champion Lisa Bloom also defended Amazon Studios chief Roy Price, who has been accused of sexual harassment. This time, she doubled down and not just defended Price, but even went to the extent of threatening journalists who tried to report the story.

Defending Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is the sad old hag who calls herself a comedienne, despite the fact that people often laugh at her, not with her. She posted a picture of herself with a mockup of Trump’s severed head, which was too much – even for her liberal friends. So, she was blacklisted from her regular shows and appearances.

Bloom, being the defender of women’s rights, also defended Griffin. Eventually, the two demented women turned on each other, with Griffin accusing Bloom of not defending her and Bloom accusing Griffin of not following her advice.

These people are so disgusting it cannot even be contemplated. It is actually worrisome they are part of our nation. They should relocate to Europe; they undermine the fabric of our society.

The Unending Tale of Lying Liberals

It just goes to show that you can never trust a liberal. Be it the Clinton couple, Harvey Weinstein, Lois Lerner, Susan Rice, Lisa Bloom, or Saint Obama himself – you simply cannot trust any of them. Every word they utter is a lie, everything they do is wrong, and everything they stand for is immoral, unethical, and downright criminal.

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