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Why Trump is Right in Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
12/19/2017 Jerusalem Benjamin Roussey
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In a move that was long overdue, President Trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. As a result of the recognition, the US embassy in Tel Aviv will soon be moved to Jerusalem. The move has garnered predictable responses from countries around the world and the parties within the United States.

Muslims already have Mecca and other cities, how greedy can a misguided religion be?

The Rationale behind the Move

The Congress passed the Jerusalem Recognition Act way back in 1995. Since then, a number of Presidents have promised to officially recognize the city as Israel’s capital. They mentioned it in their speeches, promised it in their campaigns, but promptly forgot about it once they won the elections. Trump, for a change, has actually kept his word and has done what no other President in the country before him had the courage or moral clarity to do.

Jerusalem has been the holiest of sites for Jews for thousands of years. Israel annexed West Jerusalem to its territory after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and East Jerusalem after the cowardly Six-Day War by its neighboring countries in 1967. Israel has always maintained the city as its capital and has a stronger claim to sovereignty than Palestine – both by historical accounts and based on contemporary laws. 

Jerusalem is a Jewish or a Christian city, it certainly is not a Muslim one.

The Treachery of Obama

The United States has always been a supporter of Israel – the lone democracy amidst a number of fundamentalist Islamic regimes. It all changed under Muslim sympathizer Barack Hussein Obama (who visited a madrassa in Pakistan in the early 80s), who engineered the United Nations Security Council’s resolution which declared the holiest sites in Jerusalem to be illegally occupied territories.

The move was nothing but a gift to Palestine, the rogue Islamic regime which has been waging a guerilla war against Israel for decades. The strange thing is that the move neither benefited Israel nor the United States. Obama did it purely to spite Netanyahu, with whom he never had cordial relations because Netanyahu was an honest man and Obama was a politically correct racist (Obama does not care for white people).

Trump’s Historic Decision

Today, Trump has rightly corrected the injustice committed by Obama by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It takes enormous courage to make such a decision, especially when you know that the majority of the international community will not support the move. But Trump did it anyway for two reasons.

First, it gives Israel some much-needed leverage in future negotiations with Palestine. The country suffered a major setback due to Obama’s backstabbing and desperately needed a helping hand from its long-standing ally – the United States.

Secondly, it puts the terrorist Palestinian regime in its place. For way too long, the Palestinians have been committing atrocities against Israeli civilians, all the while garnering the sympathy of the weak and pathetic international community (the same community who did nothing to Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler while they slaughtered millions). The terrorist groups that operate out of Palestine want nothing short of the total annihilation of Israel.

Yet the so-called world leaders are busy shedding tears for the terrorists killed in Israeli counter-attacks, while keeping their mouths firmly shut on the numerous attacks by the Hamas and other such Islamic terrorist groups (mainly supported by Iran who was given billions by Obama – Iran had no reason to get that money back despite it being theirs because they sponsor terrorism; you deserve nothing when you spend your money undermining the world’s safety).

World Reaction to Trump’s Move

The UK, France, and a number of countries in the European Union have predictably expressed their discontent over the move. It is funny because all these countries are currently being ravaged by Islamic terrorists and immigrants, whom these countries have welcomed with open arms. Perhaps they would do better to worry about their own backyard rather than censuring the United States for having the courage to do what is right.

These useless secular countries also depend on America to live and breathe. They are really just sad.  

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