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Why is California Losing Jobs and People to Texas?
12/19/2017 Losing Jobs Benjamin Roussey
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It is not because a large portion of Hollywood is raping and attacking woman though that certainly does not help anything.

The Golden State is losing its sheen (probably lost it about two decades ago) and people are moving out in record numbers. Apart from being home to the largest number of degenerates in the country, California now also has the distinction of losing the largest number poor and middle class people to other states – Texas in particular. The irony could not be any sweeter!

California’s Migration Crisis in Numbers

Statistics show that from 2005 to 2015, nearly 300,000 people moved from California to Texas in search of job opportunities and a higher standard of living and California replaced those people with illegal non-English speaking immigrants who are most likely going to end up soaking up public resources one way or another (either because of welfare or other public handouts or getting into trouble with the law). Most of these people are from the low-income and mid-income categories – the blue-collared, working class people who form the backbone of American society.

And since Texas has oil shale development in full swing while California sits back with massive people on unemployment Texas is growing in wealth while California remains stuck in the mud.

The Reasons for the Migration

The primary reason for the migration of working class people from California is that the state is simply too expensive and does not have enough opportunities for these people. Not everyone wants to be a useless bureaucrat working for the state (which it seems so many people in California do). The average home value per square foot in the state is 2.1 times higher than that of states like Texas, Arizona, and Oregon. So, owning a home has become considerably difficult for the middle class certainly of there is a dearth of well-paying jobs around.

If you are not a software engineer, California has no room for you. You can be a software engineer in Texas and about 100 different things. California only has about 3 job titles available.

If you are not a rich immigrant, movie star, or tech pro, California has plenty of food stamp lines you can wait in.

Californians also pay more towards home rent than people from the rest of the country. Middle class households in America typically pay 30% of their monthly income towards home rent. In California, however, the number goes up to 53%, which is ridiculously high.

California has 30 affordable rental units for every 100 middle-class households whereas Texas has 51 units for the same number of households. When it comes to rental units for low-income households, California has 21 units per 100 households whereas Texas has 29. So, by any measure, Texas is cheaper than California and also offers a better standard of living.

In Texas, if an illegal immigrant shoots at you they will not get away with it and the public will support you if you are a victim of an illegal degenerate. They will also support you if you defend yourself. But if you are white or a real American and you have an issue with an illegal in California, you are in trouble. The law does not care about you at all – the Steinle family knows all about that.

California Losing Businesses to Texas

It is not just the ordinary people, but even multimillion dollar corporations are moving out of California. In the past seven years alone, over 9,000 businesses (of all sizes) have moved from California to Texas.

The reasons for the migration include a highly regulatory environment, unbearable tax burden, and high cost of living. So, they naturally choose to migrate to a state like Texas, which incentivizes businesses rather than punishing them.

The Illegal Alien Factor

Surprisingly, California is not bothered about losing its most productive citizens, because they are being replaced by illegal aliens who swarm to the state by the thousands as already stated. The state currently has over 10 million immigrants – 1/4th of all the foreign-born people in the country live in California. This is why this state is almost unlivable and the cities have become a giant cesspool.

It goes to show that liberals do not care about American people at all. To them, the working class people are no more than just numbers on a paper. They can be easily replaced by illegal aliens who have no skills of all hues and colors. They are anchors on the economy, they are not assets. They have no idea how jobs are created. Liberals do not care about America’s fast-changing ethnic makeup, the alarming increase in crimes, and the decrease in the standard of living.

Liberals just want more people to depend on them to survive.

Numerous counties in California, which were once occupied by middle-class Americans, have now become safe havens for illegal aliens. Well done California! You have managed to kick out the sons of the soil and opened your doors for people who do not belong here. But hey; as long as that LGBTQ flag is flying high, who cares about anything else, right?

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