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Flynn’s Guilty Plea is not as big a Deal as it is Made Out to be by Liberals
12/06/2017 Michael Flynn Benjamin Roussey
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The headlines are screaming everywhere. Flynn lied to the FBI! He has decided to testify against Trump!

Liberals are salivating at the very thought of Trump getting into trouble with the law, as they are desperately looking to bring down this job creating, swamp draining, business creating, amazing, and fantastic administration by hook or crook. It is, however, not as big a deal as it is made out to be. If liberals think this will be Trump’s Watergate moment (Obama and Hillary have had several Watergate moments, they just have not been investigated yet), they are going to be sorely disappointed.

The Flynn Controversy

The crux of the issue is that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December 2016, just before Trump assumed Office. Apparently, Flynn asked Kislyak to refrain from escalating what was already a volatile situation in response to the sanctions imposed by Obama. He also requested the Russian government to delay or defeat a vote on a UN resolution.

When the biased and corrupt FBI questioned Flynn about the meeting, he denied discussing these issues with Kislyak. So, he has been charged with intentionally making false statements to federal authorities. He has pleaded guilty to the charges and has accepted to fully cooperate with the agency.

The Manufactured Controversy

Basically, Flynn is being prosecuted for lying to FBI officials which have no proven to be corrupt and dishonest. Liberals, however, are hoping that somehow it would strengthen the accusations against Trump that he colluded with Russia to change the outcome of the elections last year. It is ridiculous for a number of reasons.

  • Despite the fact that Robert Mueller and his team have spent months investigating the issue and wasted a truckload of taxpayer money, they have not been able to come up with a single piece of evidence that suggests that Trump colluded with the Russians and we know Hillary colluded with the Russians via Uranium1 and her disgusting and corrupt foundation. 
  • It is entirely normal for high-level officials of an incoming administration to have meetings with their foreign counterparts. It happens all the time, all over the world.
  • Flynn asked the Russian ambassador to de-escalate the situation, because the pitiful and weak Obama imposed sanctions against Russia just before the end of his term because he knew he had to do something since Russia had been outsmarting and intimidating him for years. It is a routine policy of liberals – do something outrageous near the end of the term and let the incoming president bear the burden of it.
  • Trump has always advocated maintaining good relationships with other countries, so it is entirely reasonable to patch up the relationship with the Russians. He knows very well that the biggest threats to our country are within our borders – illegal aliens, skyrocketing debt, lawless inner cities, and plummeting employment rates thanks to thousands of job killing regulations and high taxes. He has decided to fix our internal issues first, rather than going after Russians who pose no threat to us currently.
  • Lastly, if contacting foreign officials before you get sworn into office is a crime, Obama is certainly guilty of it too. In July 2008, a good six months before he officially became the US President, Obama went to Berlin, met with Angela Merkel, and had a discussion on a number of things. How is this any different from what Flynn did?

At the end of the day, Flynn is guilty of merely lying to the FBI. He did not try to sell out the country like liberals routinely do. The infuriating part is that liberals are accusing Flynn of lying, while they are the ones who supported the lying, deceitful, dishonest Clinton couple for decades. Hypocrisy follows the Democrats just like undignified behavior does. One lie told just to cover up the previous lie. Exactly what honest parents tell their seven year olds not to do.

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