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Rep. Jim Jordan Has Some Questions For The GOP And We Must Listen to Him
11/29/2017 Grand Old Party Benjamin Roussey
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One of the reasons why the GOP is still able to connect with a large section of the American society – despite the despicable actions of RINOs (Republicans in name only) like McCain and McConnell – is that it is the party of truly principled conservatives who love this country more than anything else. Rep. Jim Jordan is one such conservative who has never been afraid to call a spade a spade.

Recently, the Ohio based politician raised some important questions regarding the GOP’s handling of current affairs and reminded them of their primary duty – being loyal to their voter base.

Questions to Jeff Sessions

Earlier this month, Jordan wrote an open letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in which he raised a number of important questions regarding the Hillary Clinton scandal, Benghazi incident, Russian dossier, and the unmasking scandal. He implored Sessions to take action or step down. He is not alone, as many others have expressed the same exact thoughts regarding Sessions, who seems reluctant to get to the bottom of the numerous scandals that took place during Obama’s term.

Sessions is proving to be feckless and weak. He is handling the immigration problem well but a true professional knows how to multi-task. Sessions is on the verge of being fired because of his incompetence and unmotivated attitude towards wanting to get to the truth.

Exposing the Lies of Obamacare

Jordan has done a suitable job of exposing the lies of Obamacare. When the act was passed, Obama promised everyone the moon – deductibles will go down, premiums will go down, the website is secure, the 24 cooperatives will work, and so many more. Not a single thing turned out to be true and the whole program turned out to be a colossal mess.

Federal Institutions Compromised under Obama

Jordan has been a fierce critic of Obama and his blatant targeting of conservatives using the IRS. He believes that the national security apparatus too was compromised to a great extent – by Obama himself – to run smear campaigns on his political opponents and to make it easier for Hillary Clinton to ascend to the White House.

The Russian dossier and the whole unmasking saga were all part of the previous administration’s attempts to ruin Trump’s chances of winning the elections, as they sensed that Hillary stood no chance against an honest, patriotic man who can connect with the working class. Thankfully, people saw right through Hillary’s lies and put an end to the liberal nightmare that was haunting us for ten years.

Toxic Political Correctness

Jim Jordan has also talked about the toxic atmosphere in our universities across the country – with social justice warriors and antifa thugs dominating the scene. Anyone who dares to speak against these antisocial elements gets branded a racist or misogynist and bullied into silence. Jordan believes the current administration needs to highlight the issue at the national level, so that people can understand that the war for free speech in our campuses needs to be won by people on the right side.

Be Loyal to Voters

Jim Jordan says that with a Republican President and Republican Congress, we should be getting things done at a swift pace. Unfortunately, it is not the case as many Republican leaders, particularly RINOs who are chummy with liberals, are simply not willing to stand for their principles.

Jordan says that the people have sent a clear message to the establishment by electing Donald Trump. It is about time Republicans stood up for what they believe in and started doing what the people voted them in for.

The GOP remains the voice of conservative Christians in the country because of people like Jim Jordan. The GOP establishment would do well to pay heed to his advice and all real Americans across this awesome country.

John McCain needs to find a hobby – your face is falling off you idiot! Retire!

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