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Atlanta is Setting The Example For Illegal Alien Deportation And Other States Could Learn From It
11/29/2017 Illegal Alien Deportation Benjamin Roussey
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The United States is no longer an open house for illegal aliens as they are being deported in record numbers under the amazing Trump administration who is making America Great Again, with Atlanta leading the way. The city has shown a great deal of alacrity in identifying, arresting, and deporting immigrants who entered the country illegally.

Illegal Alien Deportation – The Trump Effect

Ever since Trump assumed Office, the number of detainments and deportations has increased sharply, thanks to the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officials actually doing their job. For ten years, their hands were tied as the administration was far too lenient towards illegal aliens.

Now, the situation has taken a complete 180-degree turn. Immigration arrests have gone up by almost 40% this year alone. The number of arrests made by the regional ICE office in Atlanta this year is 80% higher than the number of arrests they made last year. ICE agents are patrolling the city day and night and are constantly on the lookout for illegal immigrants. The city has become a lot safer, a lot more lawful, and a much better place to live – all thanks to the strict enforcement of immigration laws.

What Makes Atlanta Different

Atlanta, like many other places under the job creating and America loving Republican administration, enforces the law of the land in an impartial manner. Ever since the federal government announced its policy on illegal aliens, state police officials have done a stellar job in the city – rounding up illegal immigrants and alerting ICE so that the immigration officials can do their job.

In stark contrast, the sanctuary cities under liberal control are extremely lenient towards illegal aliens, even those who commit crimes on a regular basis against African Americans and the middle class and lower class which Democrats boast they care about. Even when illegal aliens are arrested for the crimes they committed, the local authorities simply refuse to inform ICE. So, the aliens spend a few months in jail and then go back to their life of crime again.

It was the norm for ten long years. Local authorities in liberal cities were outright hostile to federal immigration agents and simply refused to cooperate with them. Even the few officials with a conscience and a semblance of patriotism were bullied into submission by liberal politicians. So, illegal immigrants had absolutely nothing to be afraid of which is still the case in violent LA, collapsing NYC, disgusting San Francisco, and other politically correct cities who care more about that illegal vote than a woman getting raped and children getting assaulted.

Atlanta – The Model City for Illegal Alien Deportation

During the time period of January to June 2017, Atlanta arrested a total of 7,753 illegal aliens. It is the second highest number of arrests made by a regional ICE office – next only to Dallas. It was also 80% higher than the previous year.

What these numbers show is that there are still a large number of officials – both at the state level and federal level – who love this country and would do anything to protect the people. When they are not fettered by a thoroughly compromised and morally bankrupt administration, they can do their job and get spectacular results.

The United States under Trump has sent out a very clear message to illegal aliens – if you entered the country illegally, you have no business being here. Let us hope more cities follow the Atlanta model and rid our country of the illegal alien problem.

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