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The US Army’s Decision to Allow Self Mutilators and People With a History of Mental Illness is a Bad One
11/24/2017 US Army Benjamin Roussey
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The US Army once used to be the most powerful, destructive, and feared fighting force in the entire world. Sadly, it has now become a laboratory for liberals to try all sorts of social experiments, which could affect the morale of the army and reduce its efficiency as a well-oiled fighting machine. The latest social experiment is the move to allow self-mutilators and people with a history of mental illness.

That makes sense. Let’s give a loaded M-16 to a psychopath! Let’s give a weapon to someone who does not have their head on straight. Sounds wonderful!

Well liberals, do not get alarmed when some of these freaks do not come back from battle or a stroll in the woods. Accidents happen!

The Decision and the Rationale behind It

The army has decided to allow people with a history of self-harm and mutilation, drug and alcohol abuse, bipolar disorder, and depression. People who have a history of such problems can get a waiver and join the army – a privilege which was not available to such people up until now.

The decision was made in light of the fact that the army needs to recruit 80,000 soldiers by September 2018 and they have a hard time finding qualified candidates. Last year, the army had the same problem, as it had to meet a quota of 69,000 new soldiers.

Perhaps if the military allowed more soldiers to attend school while being on active duty, work a second job, and stopped wasting their time like the navy wastes sailors’ time they would not have this problem but this is another topic. How come the military has to be in so many countries? Why is the military protecting Europe? Europe does not even want to protect itself. Just some thoughts!

Why it is a Bad Move

Psychiatrists feel that recruiting people with a history of mental illness into active service could be a bad idea. They say that there is a chance that the mental issues could resurface, at which point a soldier not only becomes a liability to the army, but could also be a potential threat to fellow enlisted and officers.  

Professional opinions aside, even a layman could tell you just how badly this move could backfire. People with a tendency for self-mutilation like to injure themselves with whatever they could get their hands on. And liberals want to put guns in their hands and send them on to the battle field. What could go wrong?

Social Experiments Gone Awry in the Past

There have been instances where such social experiments in the military have gone horribly wrong. In 2006, a US army soldier was involved in the rape and murder of an Iraqi girl. During the investigation, it turned out that he had very poor educational background and had a history of minor criminal activity.

He should have been turned over to the Iraqis so he could face their justice.

In 2009, an army sergeant drifted off his base and got imprisoned by the Taliban. After five years, he was released in exchange for five dangerous, high-risk detainees, who were released from Guantanamo Bay by the Muslim sympathizer and job killing Barack Obama. Again, it turned out that the soldier had a history of mental illness. Several soldiers died trying to rescue him. How stupid is the army for putting others at risk for this moron named Bowe Berghdal?

No wonder the army is having recruitment issues! 

The Move Needs to be Scrapped

Liberals are not fit to run any institution, let alone the army. They will always try to push their agenda, try all sorts of crazy experiments, and burn the whole institution to the ground. The nation’s safety is of paramount importance and is above any social agenda that deranged liberals have.

Political correctness is a disease to the brain.  

The move to allow people with a history of mental illness will demoralize normal people who want to serve the country and could even put them at risk. Could you depend on a person with a history of mental problems when you are in a life and death situation? The sooner the move is rescinded, the better it will be for our young adults who toil hard to keep us safe.

Because the army is ran by people who are willing to do this it proves why they are struggling to fill their ranks.

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