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The End of the Clintons – Could This be the End of the Most Corrupt Couple in US Political History?
11/24/2017 Bill Clinton Benjamin Roussey
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Sometimes, the gods do smile upon us. For decades, the Clintons have ruined our country and poisoned our political discourse with their vile, amoral, and morally bankrupt policies.

The husband and wife duo of Bill and Hillary Clinton dabbled with all sorts of criminal activities, bordering on treason, because they knew they could not be touched. The recent happenings, however, indicate that their political career might just come to a sorry end in the very near future.

And they are cutting House of Cards! No! Just find a replacement for that freak Kevin Spacey. Don’t cut that show. The Underwoods are the Clintons!

Fresh Sexual Assault Charges on Bill Clinton

That’s right! Bill Clinton is embroiled in yet another sexual assault controversy. The man’s life seems to be one big series of sexual escapades. Four different women have accused Clinton of sexually assaulting them, right after he left Office in 2001. You know, that was when the Clintons stole stuff from the White House as well. They are that despicable.

Two things can be gauged from the fact. First, Clinton is a lecherous pervert who cannot keep his hands off other women and is unfit to live among normal people. Secondly, being in or out of power simply does not matter to him because he knows he always has the backup of the powerful liberal ecosystem, which includes the media, a majority of public intellectuals, a large section of the judiciary, and wealthy patrons.

The women in question worked for Ron Burkle, yet another pervert billionaire who is also a Democrat (what else would he be?). Bill Clinton is not only close friends with Burkle, but he actually worked for him, during which time he used fly around in Burkle’s private jet and indulge in all sorts of sexual debauchery. The jet was appropriately named ‘Air F**k One’ by Burkle.

A History of Sexual Perversion

The list of Bill Clinton’s sex scandals is so long that we might have to dedicate a series of posts just to cover them. Apart from Burkle, Clinton is also good friends with Jeffrey Epstein, yet another billionaire who also happens to be a registered sex offender. Clinton apparently flew in Epstein’s private jet 26 times, doing God knows what. The jet is named ‘Lolita Express’. And Epstein was arrested for soliciting underage girls for sexual favors. It should give you a hint as to the close bond between Clinton and Epstein.

The Skeletons Keep Tumbling Out

Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who was raped by Bill Clinton, recently stated that Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein are ‘cut from the same cloth’ and they are both vile sexual predators. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The list of Bill’s sex scandals is as long as the list of Hillary’s corruption charges.

Hillary’s Cover-up

What is shameful is that Hillary was fully aware of her husband’s lecherous behavior, but tried to cover it up by shaming, bullying, and silencing the victims. After a long time, however, the truth has finally resurfaced.

The situation today is so bad that even Democrat senators are stating that Bill Clinton should have resigned when the sexual harassment scandal broke out for the first time. Many Democrats are also ashamed of Hillary’s shameless cover-up of her husband’s rapist tendencies and are wary of associating with her now.

If the charges against Bill Clinton get proved, it could very well be the end of Hillary’s political career. After all, who in their right mind would vote for a woman who not only let her husband prey on innocent women, but also covered up his crimes and bullied the victims into silence? If it is indeed the end for Hillary Clinton, the whole country has just one thing to say – good riddance to bad rubbish.

And this proves that feminism is a joke. Woman do not matter to feminists, only ideology does! Liberal men have been able to get away with murder (yes, murder!). Perhaps things are changing now, liberals are finally waking up. But they are still liberals! They still believe government has all the answers, are anti-job, and pass policies that weaken America and weaken Americans. Why do you think there are dozens of bankrupt liberal cities all across the country? See Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, and so on!

You reap what you sew!

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