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Trump Is Doing a Good Job of Repatriating Illegal Aliens – But More Needs To Be Done
11/20/2017 Illegal Alien Repatriation Benjamin Roussey
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What a difference a change in administration makes! For ten years, the United States had an open door policy for illegal aliens of all hues and colors with the active support of the federal government.

Now, thankfully, it is no longer the case and illegal aliens are actually being sent back to their home countries or choosing not to come at all since their scam (having babies just to soak up American welfare benefits which bankrupt, job killing, and decrepit states like California and New York allow to happen) has been blocked by a president who is a real American. It is, however, only a start and there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Illegal Alien Repatriation – A Look at the Numbers

From February 2017 to September 2017, final decisions were announced by immigration judges in over 100,000 cases – an increase of 16% when compared to the numbers from the same time period in the previous year, under the failed, debt increasing, and politically correct Obama administration. There has also been a 29% increase in the total number of removal orders issued ever since Trump assumed Office.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions (who may be out of a job soon since he cannot multi-task, is a weak leader, and someone who is not taking the Hillary/Obama corruption cases that serious) has also issued a memo to immigration judges and officials, advising them against granting continuances to illegal immigrants. It used to be the norm during the previous administration, as immigration officials used to grant multiple, and often very lengthy, continuances to illegal aliens, thereby allowing them to stay here illegally for long periods of time.

What Has Changed Now?

Our laws regarding illegal aliens have not changed overnight. What has changed is the federal government, which is supposed to implement the laws. Earlier, we had a government that was simply not interested in sending illegal aliens back. For instance, in 2015, Obama sent back only 70,000 illegal aliens, which is the lowest in decades and a drop in the bucket in the 12 million illegal aliens who plague our country.

Under Trump, for the first time in a decade, the federal government is actually enforcing the laws regarding illegal alien repatriation. While it is a good start, there is still a lot needs to be done to stem the rot of illegal alien occupation of this country.

What Needs To Be Done?

First, the wall needs to be built. We need a basic, first level defense against illegal alien entry into the country and a wall is the perfect choice for it. It is decades overdue.

Secondly, and more importantly, Trump needs to devise a mechanism to punish businesses that hire illegal aliens and sanctuary cities that house illegal aliens against the wishes of the federal government.

Every year, four million Americans enter the job market. Instead of offering them an opportunity to earn an honest living, many businesses unfortunately try to cut corners by hiring illegal aliens, just so they could pay them peanuts and pocket the rest of the money. This is not only unethical, but anti-American to the core and against the interests of our society. The African American community is hit the hardest because of this but black politicians that are Democrats do not care – they do not care one bit. They want that liberal vote.

Similarly, liberals have found a way to circumvent the federal government’s orders by housing illegal aliens in sanctuary cities (which have far more violence and reported property crimes than do non-sanctuary cities; the city of Phoenix in the fine state of Arizona has seen crime drop since it has passed measures to curb illegal alien immigration).

The federal government needs to cut the funds to these cities immediately and use it for constructing the wall. You cannot let them break the law, cause great harm to the society, and get away with it.

So much needs to be done and we hope Trump is ably assisted by his team and gets it done for the sake of our country’s future!

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