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Seattle Minimum Wage Debacle Shows Liberal Policies Kill Jobs
11/11/2017 Job Killing Benjamin Roussey
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Liberals do not understand how an economy works. Neither do they understand how to run a business. So, when they make policies to set the economic agenda, you can be pretty sure that they will fail. The recent Seattle minimum wage debacle is one of the many examples of liberal policies wreaking havoc on our economy and job market.

The Job-Killing Minimum Wage Hike

In 2014, Seattle voted to raise the minimum wage to an unprecedented $15, which is twice the federal minimum of $7.25. It was to be implemented in a step by step manner and the city initially hiked the minimum wage to $13 in 2015. It started a chain reaction that dealt a body blow to the city’s economy, job market, and the earnings of the working class people. 

For one, there should not even be a minimum wage (MW) and the MW was never meant to raise a family on. It is not our fault you dropped out of high school!

The Repercussions of the Hike

Paying $13 an hour is certainly not something every business can afford to do (certainly not small businesses and certainly not for unskilled labor – they are unskilled!), so many companies in the city simply restricted the number of hours their employees worked. The total number of working hours by low-wage earners in the city was reduced by a whopping 3.5 million hours per quarter, which is unheard of! As a result, thousands of people in the city lost their jobs and those who did manage to retain theirs had to settle for a substantial reduction in their working hours.

The average earning of a low-wage earner in the city is $1,897 per month. As a result of the reduction in the number of working hours, the average monthly earning got reduced by $125, which is a substantial sum of money for people in low-income group. The total income loss amounts to a $120 million per year, which is a colossal loss for the working class people in the city.

And stupid laws like this only push jobs out of the city or prevents them from ever forming in the first place. Who wants to pay $10 for a fast food cheeseburger anyway? That is what these high MW laws do, pushes prices even further upward!

Democrats’ Job Killing Spree

Ask any business owner in America and they will probably tell you that $15 an hour is a ridiculously high amount that most companies in the country cannot afford to pay – certainly not small business. Who wants to pay $5 for one piece of chicken anyway?  

Ask any low wage-earner in the country and they will tell you that if the minimum wage is increased too much, businesses will either downsize or reduce the working hours, both of which can be devastating for the workers. Yet the liberals in Seattle actually thought it was a good idea! Goes to show just how out of touch with real life these people are.

One reason could be that most of these liberal policy makers have been freeloaders for most of their lives. They have never held a real job or never had to work hard to put food on the table. When you get fat by mooching off on taxpayer’s money, your brain rots and you eventually come up with such ‘wealth redistribution’ schemes that have never worked anywhere in the world. See Baltimore! See Oakland! See Buffalo! See Italy! See Cuba!

Why do you think China has gone capitalist?

The best part is that the minimum wage hike experiment was declared a debacle by a study commissioned and funded by the city of Seattle itself! Imagine spending taxpayers’ money to find out what any grocery shop owner in the country could have told you for free. That’s liberal brains at work ladies and gentlemen!

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