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The Obamaland Controversy is a Perfect Example of Liberal Duplicity
11/11/2017 Obamaland Benjamin Roussey
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The funny thing about being a liberal hypocrite is that one day your own hypocrisy will come back to bite you in the rear end. It is exactly what is happening with the whole ‘Obamaland’ controversy in Chicago right now.

Obamaland in Chicago

Barack Obama, not satisfied with destroying the country’s economy and global image, refuses to stay retired. Like any liberal politician, he craves attention and limelight. He is now planning to build a community center right in the middle of Chicago known as the Barack Obama Presidential Center, more commonly referred to as ‘Obamaland’ by the locals.

The center is expected to sprawl across 20 acres and will house a museum, library, recording studio, and an auditorium, among other attractions. Not a big deal – he already took America to $20 trillion in debt from $10 trillion and destroyed our health care system – nothing wrong with that! Obama’s policies are responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths but he does not care. At least he is going to remain in his ghetto city of Chicago where many real Americans have no problem in avoiding.

  • Will he make a tribute to Ambassador Stevens?
  • Will he talk about how China and Russia did whatever they wanted while he was in office?
  • Will he talk about how he decreased everyone’s income and crushed household income?
  • Will he talk about how he attacked Christianity and allowed ISIS to spread all over the world?
  • Will he make a tribute to his terrible Iran deal which is a disgrace?

Obama says the center is not for promoting himself, but to promote the ideals of democracy (he means big government), civic engagement, and citizenship. Here is a hint Obama – if you really do not want to make it all about yourself, don’t name it after you!

The Problem with Local Communities

The issue is that the community groups want the massive project to be staffed by a local workforce. They want to make sure the jobs are not given to people from other areas. Isn’t it funny? Liberals stall and stop oil and gas related projects everywhere, despite the fact that they offer employment opportunities to locals. Now one of their own projects, by none other than Saint Obama himself, is being stalled because the locals want to make sure they get the jobs.

What is even funnier is that the community groups have asked the Obama Foundation to sign an agreement that reserves at least 80% of the jobs for locals, but Obama has refused to do so. How about that? Savior of the masses and lord of the downtrodden suddenly has a problem with hiring locals when it comes to his own project.

Obama has been yapping about Chicago being his home and how he wants to give back to the community and so on for years. Yet when he actually gets a chance to offer the locals decent paying jobs, even if it is only for a short period of time, he chickens out. Shameless does not even begin to describe it!

The Duplicity of Liberals

Obama says the construction crew and other workers for the project will be selected based on a set of strict criteria. Yet he kept his mouth firmly shut when his liberal minions forced conservative Americans to hire LGBT freaks without caring in the slightest about the rights of business owners to hire the people they want.

The Barack Obama Presidential Center, in more ways than one, is a microcosm of liberal America itself. It is built on a foundation of lies, its people are at war with each other, it does not benefit real Americans, there is utter disharmony everywhere, and the person who is responsible for all of this is happily sipping champagne with his rich buddies, raising millions for the so called nonprofit center!

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