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HR 3999 – A Despicable Liberal Attempt to Restrict Our Second Amendment Rights
11/02/2017 HR 3999 Benjamin Roussey
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Nothing proves the fact that left liberals are a bunch of vultures who feed on the dead more than their response to the recent mass shooting in Vegas. While real Americans were in mourning over the unfortunate incident, leftists immediately used it to push their anti-gun agenda by introducing a bill – HR 3999.

The Details of the Bill

HR 3999, also referred to as ‘Bump Stock Ban Bill’, aims to ban parts that are designed to increase the rate of fire of semi-automatic rifles. It is absolutely ridiculous for a simple reason – semi-automatic rifles do not have a set rate of fire. They are designed to fire one round each time you pull the trigger. The firing rate of a semi depends entirely on the user’s ability to pull the trigger as fast they can.

A semi-automatic rifle does not magically become a fully automatic gun just because of bump stocks, or any other additional feature for that matter. It still releases one round with one pull of the trigger. So, what exactly does the bill seek to accomplish? It is something far more sinister than the stated purpose.

The Dangers of Slippery Slope

The bill, if passed, will ultimately go after all the tools and parts related to semi-automatic guns. Lightened recoil springs, echo triggers, adjustable gas blocks, detachable magazines, and anything else that could make a semi-automatic rifle more functional might be outright banned by this bill.

What is funny is that even if you ban all these parts, it is still possible to bump a rifle using everyday household objects. You can find a YouTube video where a guy uses a stick to bump fire his gun. So, what next? Shall we ban sticks, dowel rods, rubber bands, and belt loops? Because believe it or not, all these objects could be used for bump firing! But then, liberal weaklings who have never held a gun in their lives, leave alone fire one, would know nothing about it.

Why don’t we ban trading 5 terrorists for one American traitor?

The bill is very vaguely worded precisely for the purpose of restricting the second amendment rights of Americans. Moreover, many people believe that the bill has very little chances of being passed in its current state. So, why are they doing it? The reason is simple – they are slowly pushing the boundaries and setting the stage for outright bans on firearms that are commonly used by working class Americans.

Why not ban Hollywood raping woman?

Say No to HR 3999

The worst part is that the bill is introduced by a Republican – Carlos Curbelo (FL-26) – and co-sponsored by nine other Republicans, who seem to have discarded the Second Amendment rights of citizens. No matter who introduces it, we should oppose it tooth and nail for a simple reason – it is a matter of our fundamental right to own firearms.

Yes, someone who buys this many weapons should be watched closely for sure. How did the FBI not become alerted by this atheist psycho?

Why not ban not allowing terrorists from leaving Guantanamo since they attack female students who are attending school?

The bill is endorsed by Hollywood celebrities and the social elite (you know the people who protect rapists and disgusting miscreants who work in Hollywood), who live in mansions guarded by armed guards. They have a problem with normal folks defending their life and property though!

These people allow terrorists into this country who run us over on sidewalks. That is why we buy guns!!! A diversity Visa? Are you serious?

Bottom line – HR 3999 should not be passed at any cost. It is time for Americans to make our collective voice heard loud and clear – keep your hands off our guns! And keep track of any American buying so many and confront them about their behavior. Ask them, do you believe in God? If they do, they may realize there is consequences for murder!

If they do not, then we have a problem!

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