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Harvey Weinstein’s Scandals Expose the Disgusting Double Standards of Hollywood Liberals – Part II
10/17/2017 Harvey Weinstein Benjamin R
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In this part, we take a look at the sickening hypocrisy of a few more Hollywood celebrities.

The Slimy Ben Affleck

That buffoon who destroyed Daredevil and paraded around with JLo. That was a baseless couple!

Affleck, just like his buddy Damon, has been associated with Weinstein for a long time. He too tried to actively cover up the scandals, perhaps even more so than Damon. Rose McGowan, who admitted to getting sexually abused by Weinstein, states that when the incident happened, Ben Affleck told her that he asked Weinstein to stop doing it – a clear admission that he was well aware of what was going on.

Affleck’s own brother Casey, who recently won an Oscar, has a history of sexual misbehavior himself. Of course, that didn’t stop Ben – the champion of women’s rights – from lobbying for his brother to land mega projects and win awards and international fame. Casey can act but he does not care about woman. He may as well try out for the Taliban, well, at least he is not a terrorist.

If you remember – Affleck is also known for vociferously defending Islamic terrorists – goes well with his treatment of women, wouldn’t you say? Both Afflecks have that in common.

It probably did not bother them one bit when Syria used WMD on their own people and Obama ignored it essentially getting punked by a 3rd world country.  

Meryl Streep

It wouldn’t fair to target the men alone, would it? The women in Hollywood are just as sick, dumb, and hypocritical as the men and Streep is a very good example.

Meryl Streep has been one of the harshest critics of President Trump and a champion of women’s rights. What many people do not know is that she is also the staunchest defender of Roman Polanski, the movie director who drugged and raped a 13-year old girl and then fled the country. In the liberal world, raping little girls is perfectly fine as long as the person who does it leans left.

Streep has also not condemned Weinstein so far. Perhaps she is wondering how she can somehow turn the whole incident into an anti-Trump rant, which she can deliver at one of the many sleaze-fest award shows that she attends.

Streep is a baby killing disgusting joke.  

Ashley Judd

Ashley is a victim of the scandal, but her hypocrisy is so sickening that she deserves to be called out. She claims that Weinstein behaved with her in an inappropriate manner many years back, when she was a young, up-and-coming actress. Yet, during the many years that followed, we did not hear a single word from Judd against Weinstein. Perhaps she liked her million dollar checks and high flying lifestyle a little too much to antagonize one of the most powerful persons in Hollywood.

Not surprisingly, Judd is also one of the movie stars who went bonkers against Trump. At a women’s march, Judd recited a poem which alleged that the President’s favorite sex symbol was his own daughter Ivanka and hinted at incestuous innuendos. Just how perverted can these creatures get?

So, Ashley – you didn’t have the guts to speak against Weinstein, despite his sexual advances. You traded your honor for money. Yet you have the audacity to talk about Trump and his daughter? Nobody cares for you anymore, you sick, ugly hag!

You are no longer cute that is for sure! You are sort of disgusting really.

Unending List of Hollywood Creeps

Believe me – I have only scratched the surface. Hollywood’s love for sexual deviants is as long as the list of liberal causes they support. From Alfred Hitchcock to Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Sean Penn, Bryan Singer, and many, many more – every single pervert is revered and respected by the so-called celebrities who mock and attack conservatives every chance they get.

They attack us because we dare to act right and live by a moral code. These rapists and sexual psychopaths live and work in fantasy land.

The people of America should collectively ignore these sick, twisted freaks and their dumb movies which are nothing more than propaganda devices that promote all sorts of sexual degeneracy and deviancy. Get lost Hollywood liberals. We are sick and tired of your hypocrisy and double standards!

Not all movies are dumb though…Transformers, Star Trek, Horrible Bosses, Sicario – Hollywood gets it right once in a while but this is no excuse to treat woman this way and Hollywood does not have any credibility whatsoever. Too many of them our out of touch and like Obama, never had a real job in their life.

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