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Why Trump is Right to Criticize the Senate Intel Committee for Focusing Too Much on Russian Election Interference
10/16/2017 Russian Election Interference Benjamin Roussey
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What is the most pressing issue that the Senate Intelligence Committee should be focusing on right now? Should it be one of Obama’s innumerable scandals? Should it be Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco? Should it be Huma Abedin’s Islamist connections?

Should it be Susan Rice’s ‘unmasking’ controversy? According to the committee, however, the number one problem in the country right now is – hold your breath – Russia’s alleged interference in US Presidential Election.

Flogging a Dead Horse

It is entirely understandable that the news outlets in the country would dedicate so much time on the so called Russian election interference, despite not having a shred of proof whatsoever. They have no experience in reporting the truth. They are used to peddling fake news, half truths, and outright lies. The Senate Intel Committee, however, has much more important issues to focus on, rather than wasting so much time on Russia.

In the months they have spent investigating the issue, has the committee found even one piece of solid evidence to support the fallacious claims of the liberal establishment? Of course not, but that has not deterred them from spending copious amounts of tax-payer money and holding a press conference practically every other day announcing the latest developments in their fallacious and misguided investigation.

Real Issues are Waiting

In the mean time, Obama is chilling out in exotic locations with his family after having brought our economy to a standstill, lying blatantly on Benghazi, and using the IRS and many other federal structures to unfairly target his political opponents including military veterans and Christians (we know Obama is a Muslim sympathizer, for one, Reverend Wright and churches like that are not Christian and Obama did nothing to ISIS as it killed Christians, Obama rewarded Iran, and what was he doing at Madrassa in the early 80s?). But Obama is upset that Trump won and upset that his disgusting policies are being tossed down the drain a little every day by Trump and his amazing team.

Hillary is still playing the victim after losing the elections, despite having committed a scandal of epic proportions with her foundation. So are Huma Abedin, Susan Rice, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Barney Frank, and so many others.

When there are so many threats to our national security that need to be looked into, why is the committee spending a disproportionate amount of time on Russia? At this point, we have to suspect it has to do something with the Democrats the committee has on board.

The Problem with Republican Leniency

Trump rightly criticized the Senate Intel Committee for focusing too much on Russia, when what they actually should be doing is investigate the numerous scandals of the previous administration, including the fake news experts and agenda peddlers in our own mainstream media.

The problem with establishment Republicans is that they have always been too soft and nice to the enemy. Despite having a Republican majority, the committee is basically acting on the whims of Mark Warner and Dianne Feinstein, both of whom are dried-in-the-wool democrats and left liberals to the core.

Can you imagine the exact opposite scenario happening ever? Imagine a Democratic administration under President Hillary, investigating into one of her own scandals, by her own Intel Committee? Does that even sound remotely plausible?

The bottom line is that enough time has been wasted on this non-issue and it is time to move on with real issues. Richard Burr needs to make his presence felt in the committee and get something actually done for a change. That’s what you are there for, Richard!

Republicans need to use this Harvey Weinstein fiasco to their advantage and attack the horrendous, job killing, pathetic Democrats on multiple fronts.

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