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Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a National Security Threat – Why Isn’t She Being Investigated?
10/16/2017 National Security Benjamin Roussey
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It seems not a day goes by without a liberal Democrat indulging in anti-national, treasonous behavior. It is now the turn of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who is accused of shielding a Muslim IT staffer and his associates who stole House computer equipment, internal DNC emails, and congressional data.

The Timeline of Crime

In February, Imran Awan, a Pakistani-American and a former IT staffer under Debbie Wasserman and also worked for multiple other Democratic lawmakers was accused of stealing House IT equipment and leaking sensitive congressional data to third parties. Others who were accused of the same crimes include his wife and two other family members. Sounds like a really nice, wholesome family!

Following the investigation, Awan and his associates were still on the payroll of a number of Democratic lawmakers, including Debbie Wasserman. When questioned on the same, the Democrats used the tried-and-tested strategy of ‘bigotry’ and ‘unfair targeting of Muslims’. Because whenever someone is accused of breaching national security protocols, the first thing we should be concerned is whether or not he or she is a Muslim. Liberal logic at its finest!

In the mean time, Debbie Wasserman tries to get a laptop related to the investigation back from the Capitol Police. When they refused, she said Awan ‘accidentally left it somewhere’ and the police are violating the rules.

Wasserman is about as low class as they get. Her and Weinstein swim in the same waters.

The Arrest

Finally, in July, Awan was arrested at an airport while trying to flee the country. Turns out, he wired $283,000 to Pakistan and he had already settled his wife and three children safely in his home country. Finally, after realizing she can no longer shield him, Debbie Wasserman fired him.

When will the immoral Democrats fire her?

The Attempted Cover-up

Debbie Wasserman Schultz did not fire Imran Awan when he was first accused by the Capitol Police of stealing House equipment and data. She did not even want to look into the charges and blatantly accused the police department of ethnic and racial profiling.

After Awan was banned from the House system, Debbie Wasserman still allowed him to work for her, as if there was no other IT guy available in the entire country. Perhaps Wasserman had a special relationship with this traitor!

The FBI accuses Awan of swindling the Congressional Federal Credit Union out of $165,000, which he promptly wired to his home country. Moreover, Awan and his family were minting money working under a bunch of inept, inattentive Democrats. Since 2004, he has earned well over $2 million working for Democrats. His wife and his relatives were all making $150,000 each and were working for more than two dozen House Democrats. That is a staggering sum of money for a single family, all coming out of the taxpayer’s pockets, of course!

Again, another case where Democrats do not care about American tax payers or our classified information.

What Needs To Be Done

Wasserman Schultz needs to be raked over the coals for her active role in covering up a national security scandal without the slightest care in the world. Why did she not fire him? Worse, why did she try to brush his crimes under the carpet? The questions need to be asked. Oh and one more thing – Imran Awan is now represented by an attorney who is a long-time associate of the Clinton family.

Wonder if he is a rapist like another Clinton friend: Weinstein!

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