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Dear Liberals – Stop Obsessing Over Frank the Lawnmower Boy and Move On With Your Lives
10/06/2017 Frank the lawnmower boy Benjamin R
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It is a new day and it is a new liberal outrage. Just when you thought they had run out of issues to hyperventilate on, they have found a new one – Frank the lawnmower boy. The whole thing is so bizarre and unreal that you might find it hard to believe that it is actually happening in 21st century America.

What Actually Happened

For those of you who are not in the know, here is what actually happened. An 11-year old boy named Frank Giaccio, who runs a small lawn mowing business in Virginia, wrote a letter to President Trump and requested for a chance to mow the White House lawn. Like millions of young American boys, he too wished to see the White House in close quarters and actually make his mark there by providing a service.

Trump accepted his request and the boy did a stellar job of mowing the lawn, which got him a high-five from the President. Trump also congratulated the young boy on Twitter for the fine job he did at the White House lawn. So, what exactly is the problem here, you ask? Turns out, liberals were not happy with the whole thing and chose to express their outrage like only they can.

The Predictable Liberal Meltdown

It all started with a tweet by a liberal hack called Steven Greenhouse, who works at the fake news capital of the country – The New York Times. He blabbered something about child labor, minimum wage, and occupational safety and stated that the President was sending a wrong signal to the nation.

First of all, it is not child labor. Young children in the country often earn their keep by doing summer jobs and other gigs. Parents often insist on such jobs, as it teaches the children the value and dignity of labor and helps them grow up into healthy, productive citizens. Liberals who mooch off on tax payers’ money naturally have a problem with it.

Secondly, there is no issue of minimum wage here as the boy was gracious enough to say that he did not want any money. Leftist weasels, however, have a problem with this as they simply cannot imagine that anyone could love this country so much that they could do something for the White House free of cost.

Thirdly, there is no occupational hazard involved here as the boy himself runs a lawn mowing business and has been mowing lawns for years. Liberals want to raise their kids as precious little snowflakes who loathe manual labor and shut themselves up in a safe space every time they hear something offensive. So, they naturally have a problem with children doing any kind of work, leave alone something that involves an equipment and requires a certain amount of skill.

The Hatred for Trump

Here is the truth. Liberals could not care less about Frank Giaccio. They are outraging because the boy said that he looked up to Trump and admired his business background. He also said that he wants to grow up and become a Navy SEAL. How could a little boy admire Trump and worse, think of actually serving the country? In the world of loony liberals, it is a big no-no and it is precisely why they are outraged.

Guess what loonies? Despite your efforts, millions of Americans – young and old – will continue to admire Trump and love their country. There is nothing you can do about it either!

Liberals would be much happier and so would us real Americans if they just left the country. They are not real Americans. They are fake and pathetic.

Steven Greenhouse, in particular, is a pile of slime! Never worked a day in his useless life!

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