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Trump’s Increasing Popularity among GOP Voters and What it Means for the Republicans
09/27/2017 GOP Voters Benjamin R
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Despite the gargantuan efforts of left liberal hacks to paint President Trump in a bad light, his popularity continues to soar and reach new heights every day. A recent poll suggests that a large section of Republican voters see themselves as ‘Trump supporters’ rather than ‘GOP supporters’.

Trump’s Popularity among Republican Voter Base

A poll conducted by NBC/WSJ shows that a large number of Republican voters primarily identity themselves as ‘supporters of Donald Trump’ rather than ‘supporters of the Republican party’. Also, Trump supporters do not hold establishment Republicans like the petty and disreputable John McCain in high regard. They are also supportive of many of Trump’s decisions like the Sheriff Arpaio pardon, his criticism of Mitch McConnell, ending amnesty programs, and so on.

What it Means for the GOP

It seems pretty clear that Trump has given voice to a large section of Republican voters who were not happy with the developments in the party over the past decade or so. During Obama’s reign, a lot of people who voted for the GOP were unsatisfied with the party’s performance in opposition. Instead of being aggressive and fighting the Democrats tooth and nail over bad policies, the Republicans were too lenient, too soft, and too timid to take on Lord Obama and his socialist, baby killing, ISIS loving, anti God minions.

From lying about the Benghazi attack to using the IRS to target conservatives, lifting the ban on transgendered people in military, and creating and extending a host of amnesty programs for illegal aliens, Obama’s list of mistakes is too long to be pointed out here. On each occasion, the Republicans should have raised hell and brought the whole country to a standstill. Unfortunately, they failed to do so.

Now, contrast it with how the Democrats behave when they are out of power. Look around and see what is happening today – Universities across the country have become safe havens for SJWs or social justice warrior or SLJRs which stands for spoiled lazy jealous retards who burn the whole place down because a conservative speaker was invited and Antifa thugs roam around destroying property and beating up innocent people.

What Republicans Need To Do

We need not stoop low enough to emulate the antisocial, illegal behavior of liberals. At the same time, we should not act like pushovers. We need to make it clear that Trump is our President and we stand with him on every issue. We need to urge Trump to be ruthless against Antifa thugs, SJW drama queens, and illegal aliens who plague our society as the parasites they are – being hooked on food stamps.

We need to throw our full might behind the border security program and make sure the wall is built and the sanctuary cities that oppose the project are penalized heavily. We need to put our heads together and find a way to get rid of the monstrosity known as Obamacare.

Lastly – and this is the most important issue in my opinion – we need to get rid of RINOs like McCain, who at this point are more of a liability to us. He lied to the people of Arizona – he told us that he would repeal Obamacare. McCain is dishonorable and is synonymous with term limits! He praised Ted Kennedy on 60 Minutes and Ted Kennedy drowned a woman in a river and did not call the police until 8 hours later. That is the type of people McCain praises.

Such people need to realize that the GOP was voted to power after a decade not because of glad-handing establishment hacks, but because of one man – Donald Trump. If we let Trump down now, the voters will not forgive us in 2020 (well, we will never vote for European loving Democrats who do not care about real Americans or hard work and honesty). Our motto at this time should be – Rally behind Trump.

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