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The Problem of Birthright Citizenship – Why Trump Needs to Fix the 14th Amendment
09/27/2017 Birthright Citizenship Benjamin R
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For ten long years, under Obama, America remained a borderless country whose gates remained open for illegal aliens who wanted to cross over and enjoy all the perks and benefits of being the citizen of a first world country, without actually having any right to do so.

And without paying any taxes at all and they may have raped a Latino female on the way or abused others to get here. Most likely they did not though but authorizing a chaotic immigration system is disgusting and inhumane.

For the first time, illegal immigration has become the subject of much debate, thanks to President Trump. Still, many people are missing the woods for the trees when it comes to illegal immigration and not focusing on the one point which is absolutely critical – birthright citizenship.

The Problem of Birthright Citizenship

The United States is one of the two first-world countries – the other one being Canada – that offers citizenship to anyone who is born on the US soil. This is the single biggest reason why immigrants from all over the world are so keen to enter the US by whatever means possible, as they know that their children could become US citizens the moment they are born. This needs to stop and this is a terrible law which has wrecked entire communities.

The problem actually goes deeper than that. The children of immigrants born here not only become US citizens, but once they attain adulthood, they also have the right to sponsor their parents for citizenship. This is disastrous, as it means for each child born here, we will have to bear the additional burden of two or three illegal immigrants.

Number of Illegal Aliens Skyrocketing

Statistics show that in 2014 alone, a whopping 275,000 children in the country were born to illegal aliens. It accounted for 7% of all childbirths in the country. Not only is every single one of these children an American citizen now, but the number will increase significantly as they attain adulthood and earn the right to sponsor citizenship for their parents. Mind you – these predictions are based on illegal alien childbirths in a single year!

What is even more worrying is the robust industry of childbirth tourism, wherein countries like China, which are known for their dirty tactics, send their pregnant women into the US just so they could give birth here and make sure their children become American citizens. There are full-time agencies in China that teach women how to lie about their pregnancy, get a tourist visa, and then give birth at a maternity hotel or hospital in the US and liberals in this country invite this type of behavior.  

If these trends continue, American citizens will be outnumbered in the near future by illegal immigrants of various shades and hues and the country will become unrecognizable – socially, culturally, and politically. It will be jacked up like California which is a bankrupt state morally and financially. The hilarious thing is that state continue to lose business after business and they are too brain dead to care.  

What Trump Needs To Do

Trump needs to fix the 14th amendment, which promises birthright citizenship to everyone born here. While many believe that the constitution needs to be changed in order to end birthright citizenship, some are of the opinion that it can be changed statutorily.

The main problem with the amendment is that the language is ambiguous, which allows people to interpret it any way they want. So, a clarification of language would most probably suffice to put an end to this problem once and for all.

The bottom line is that the 14th amendment needs to go. Trump needs to do whatever it takes to make sure the fiasco of birthright citizenship ends within his term. It is absolutely critical for the future of our nation.

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