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You Lost Hillary. It’s Time to Stop Sulking and Move On!
09/23/2017 Hillary Clinton Benjamin R
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The definition of hubris. The antithesis of being humble.

It has been nearly a year since Trump became the POTUS and the after-effects of his epic win are still to be seen. The glorious meltdown of Hillary Clinton, in particular, has been equal parts hilarious and cringe-worthy.

The Blame Game of Hillary Clinton

Ever since she lost to Trump, Hillary has been blaming just about everyone in the country but herself for the loss. First, she blamed it on racism and stated that a bunch of white racists voted Trump into the office. In fact, liberals, being the racist caricaturists they are, even coined a new term for the phenomenon – white-lash.

Since the racism excuse did not find traction among the common public, she moved on to her tried and tested excuse – misogyny. In fact, the loony feminist brigade, headed by the talentless hack Amy Schumer, even stated that hating Hillary amounts to sexism. This is laughable, as data shows that a large number of women voted for Trump, despite the Democrats trying hard to label him as a misogynist and womanizer.

In an attempt to save face, Hillary even blamed the DNC, which is quite hilarious. She stated that she was misled by the DNC data, which was poor and inaccurate. This accusation drew criticism from even the most vocal of her supporters, including the data guys at the DNC.

The data guys swear that their models predicted that a number of states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin would be very closely contested, but Hillary’s team thought they knew better and never paid heed to the advice.

The New Book

Not satisfied with her verbal rants, Hillary even came out with a new book named What Happened, in which she has blamed everyone and their nanny for her loss, while portraying herself to be the hapless victim.

Even the liberal clique of book reviewers, who generally lean to the left, are shocked to see Hillary playing the role of a woman wronged by the system without the slightest twinge of remorse.

In fact, the situation is so embarrassing that many Democrats have called for Hillary to quietly step out of the spotlight and make way for someone else. It does not, however, look like Hillary will stop her public blaming tour any time soon, so we are likely to see more drama and meltdown from her supporters.

What Actually Happened?

Here is what actually happened Hillary. You lost not because you are a woman, but because you are a corrupt, dirty, inept, arrogant, greedy, and so on who has no regards for the well-being of American citizens (just watch House of Cards – the Clintons are the Underwoods who are sociopaths – why do you think that show is even TV?). You lost because when Trump was talking about bringing jobs back for our blue collar workers, you and your cohorts were busy discussing if men who identify as women should be allowed to use the women’s bathroom.


Finally, you lost because the American public was tired of seeing your ugly mug and that of your lecherous husband who brought the highest office in the country into disrepute with his scandals. The people no longer want establishment hacks like you to lord them over. They wanted change and they have got it. It is time for you to wake up, smell the coffee, and stop sulking.

Oh, and your daughter is corrupt to! Plagiarizer!

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