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Can Trump Strike a New DACA Deal that Protects Our Long-Term Interests?
09/23/2017 DACA Deal Benjamin R
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Ever since Trump announced that he will repeal the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, Democrats have been shaking in their boots and running a smear campaign against the President as if they are not responsible with destroying America’s health care system, passing a health care law which killed people, knocked people down to 30 hour work weeks, punished businesses for hiring that 50th employee, and so on.

That is what Democrats did! Nice job! In addition the flawed mentality of taking from the responsible and giving to the irresponsible. Sorry, that idea has never worked in the history of humanity.  

They seem to have, however, woken up to the fact that petty name calling and childish tantrums do not work when you have a strong President who believes in what he does. So, they are hoping for the next best thing – a face-saving deal.

What Democrats Hope For

Democrats are looking for a deal wherein young immigrants, who migrated to the United States as small children, would be protected from deportation and in return the Democrats will offer their support to raise the debt ceiling and increase the border security funding. At the same time, they are vehemently against the idea of a wall, which was one of Trump’s most important promises to his core voters.

They do not want the wall built since they know it will work. Why do you think countries have been putting them up for millennia? Just ask the Mongolians what they think about walls!

Some European countries are finally putting up walls to keep out Arabs – people who will never assimilate. It is about time!

Trump Adamant on Wall

Thankfully, we no longer have a pliant administration that is willing to bend over backwards for illegal immigrants. Trump has stated categorically that excluding the wall is not an option at all.

He has repeatedly stated that irrespective of the current deal, the wall will continue to be built along the border, shattering the hopes of open-border liberals and millions of illegal aliens who are looking to cross over so they can hop on our welfare system rolls and become parasites to our society which has been going on for decades.

Trump Aware of the Chain Migration Threat

One of the biggest problems with any immigration program is the threat of chain migration. Once an immigrant becomes a lawful US citizen, he or she can sponsor close family members to join them in the US.

What this means is that for every single immigrant who becomes a naturalized citizen, we have to bear the burden of two or three more immigrants who come here through the family reunification program. This is called chain migration and it could potentially open the gates for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the country who bring nothing to it accept ignorance and no English speaking skills.

This system has always damaged the black race as well. Illegals undermine wages and take jobs from blacks by the thousands. This means Democrats are really attacking blacks and Al Sharpton does not even care.  

Trump, thankfully, is very much aware of the dangers of chain migration. He has emphatically stated that the provision of chain migration will not be a part of any amnesty deal. He has also stated that illegal aliens who are not covered by DACA will still get deported, irrespective of their current employment status or criminal record, which is great news.

More Security Provisions in the New Deal

Trump and a number of other Republicans are also looking to add further provisions to the amnesty deal to fix some of the problems that plague the current immigration system.

From fixing the 14th amendment which promises birthright citizenship to children born in the US to tracking people who overstay their visa, increasing the ICE’s authority to arrest and deport illegal aliens, increasing penalties and sentences for illegal aliens, punishing sanctuary cities, and ending the diversity lottery and only allowing high-skilled, English speaking immigrants – there is so much more that can be done to make this a winning deal not just for the Republican establishment, but for anyone who loves this country as well which liberals do not.

Let us hope Trump uses his negotiation skills a strike a deal with the Democrats that put America’s interests first above and beyond everything else.

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