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Why Republicans Must Embrace Trump’s Values If They Want to Regain Political Relevance
09/20/2017 Republicans Benjamin R
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President Trump is a man who seems to be fighting a two-front war – one against the Democrats, who want to see him ruined, and another one against a section of Republicans, who think he is too radical and needs to be reined in and who are jealous their precious McCain (the worst campaign in modern political history) and Romney did not have the guts to do what it takes to win when they ran.

The first war is perfectly understandable, as Democrats have always waged dirty wars against Republican Presidents. It is the second one that we should be more concerned, perhaps even worried, about.

The Problem with Moderate Republicans

A large section of moderate Republicans have always been too pliant, too lenient, and too timid to challenge the dominance of left liberal political discourse in the country. They are content to play by the rules that their enemies set. No wonder they lose so many battles before many ever begin.  

The best example of such behavior was Romney’s uninspiring, weak campaign (the hurricane did hurt his chances but he refused to use Benghazi in the 3rd debate which is pathetic) against Obama. Romney is a good man by all standards – clean cut, well behaved, model citizen, family man, and loves the country.

Yet the Democrats threw around labels like ‘fascist’ and ‘Hitler’ without the slightest care in the world, which only resulted in a limp-wristed reaction from the Republican establishment, which condemned the behavior of their political counterparts, but never upped the ante and attacked their enemies. But Trump did! He did what it took to win and McCain most of all was pathetic.

He was so weak and now his face is falling off his skull and he still refuses to get a hobby and retire. Term limits you idiot! His petty jealousy is destroying Americans all over the country. It seems he loves Obamacare too despite all the people who have lost their jobs because of it and who have been killed by this law!

How Trump Changed the Game

Trump, on the contrary, came out all guns blazing right from the get go. He launched a direct and frontal attack not just on Queen Hillary herself, but the entire establishment as well. The liberal ecosystem was truly shocked. For the very first time, a Republican challenged their narrative, proudly embraced conservative values, called them out on their agenda, and proclaimed his love for the nation and its people loud and clear.

Trump is different from other Republicans in the sense that he has very low tolerance for liberal duplicity. Mainstream TV channels in the country have been running smear campaigns against Republicans for decades and decades. It finally took a Trump to call them out on their agenda and label them as ‘fake news’ – deservedly so.

Earlier, the TV channels could get away with peddling half truths and outright lies because the Republicans were too gentlemanly to engage in a direct confrontation. Trump, on the other hand, has managed to destroy their reputation singlehandedly. So much so that the term ‘fake news’ has traveled far and wide and people in many different countries have started using it to deride and shame the agenda peddlers in their own countries.

What Republicans Need to Do

Republicans need to realize that the country’s political and social landscape is changing fast. The new generation of voters does not need sermons on globalization, diversity, and integral humanity. They need jobs, they need security, and they want to reclaim their community from illegal aliens.

The need of the hour is for the Republicans to embrace Trump’s values without any sense of shame or guilt. For the first time, the Democrats are genuinely scared of a Republican President. It is time we do away with our petty, internal squabbles and become a unified force to take on our political enemies and secure the nation’s future.

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