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Why Trump is Right to Ban Transgendered People From the Military
09/20/2017 Transgendered Benjamin R
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On July 26th, with three short tweets, President Trump sent the mainstream media, perhaps the entire liberal establishment, into a tizzy.

The headlines screamed that the US military’s values were under attack, celebrities reacted with shock and horror, and court jesters aka comedians used the opportunity to crack more bad jokes on the President despite them calling ISIS the JV team and allowing ISIS to sprout establishments all over the world while their joke President Obama played golf, hung out with celebrities. and took us to $20 trillion in debt. If you weren’t paying attention, you would have probably thought that Trump dismantled the army or something like that. All he did, however, was to ban transgendered people (circus clowns) from serving in the military.

If you do not know who you are, you should not be holding a weapon.

The Background

As is the case with most problems in the country, a Democratic administration is responsible for the transgender problem as well. In 2016, at the very end of his term, Obama lifted the ban on transgendered people serving in the military much to the hilarity of Iran, Russia, China, Al Qaeda, and ISIS. He even announced that the Pentagon would bear the costs of gender transitions, which include surgery and counseling, as transgendered people are prone to alcohol and drug abuse and are likely to develop suicidal tendencies.

This would just add to the national debt, would not make America safer, and give any nutcase the chance to join the military just to get a free operation.

The Cost of Keeping Transgendered People in the Military

While all real Americans cherish Trump’s decision, very few people seem to actually know the cost of keeping transgendered people in the military. It is estimated that a complete gender transition could cost up to $140,000. There are over 8,000 transgendered people in active service today which undermines morale and puts people into awkward situations. You can easily do the math and figure out how much the total cost would be. It, of course, would be coming from the taxpayer’s pocket.

Moreover, the very idea of a transgendered person serving in the military is absurd. People with pre-existing medical conditions are routinely disqualified from serving in the military. There are hundreds of medical conditions that could get you disqualified from entering military service. Isn’t it weird that gender identity disorder, which many transgendered people suffer from, is not included in the list?

The Need to Keep Our Military Clean

The military is unlike any other civil institution in the sense that its primary purpose is to destroy the enemy and secure the nation. There is no place for social justice, irrational and idiotic diversity, and inclusivity in military. The services reject people based on their physical and mental condition precisely for this reason. The burden of being ‘fair’ and ‘impartial’ are only applicable to civilian institutions. The military, on the other hand, is meant only for the toughest out there – physically and mentally.

By lifting the ban of transgendered people, Obama actually did a great disservice to the US military services. He turned it into a laboratory for social justice experiments, which could actually cause a great deal of embarrassment for soldiers.

For instance, the military has male and female bathrooms. Transgender persons can use either of the bathrooms, depending on what they identify as. What this means is that a person who is physically male could use the women’s bathroom just because he ‘identifies’ as a woman. Is this not a gross violation of the privacy of the men and women, who make up the majority of our military?

The Ban Needs to Stay

The bottom line is that despite what liberals shriek from their safe spaces, the ban on transgendered people is absolutely necessary for the sake of our military effectiveness. On top of this, it could just save these goofy people their lives since a real soldier may just feel like they need to get rid of this misguided person once and for all on the battle field.

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