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Building the Wall – It is Time for Sanctuary Cities to Face the Heat From the Federal Government
09/12/2017 Federal Government Benjamin R
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What kind of people put the interests of illegal aliens over that of our own citizens? Liberals – that’s who! While the federal government is trying to make the country safer by preventing the entry of illegal aliens, liberals are doing everything they can do to offer sanctuary to those who have no business being here.

The Problem with Sanctuary Cities

The very idea of a sanctuary city is so absurd that it defies all logic. At a time when Americans are struggling to find jobs and earn a decent living, Democrats are offering sanctuary to illegal aliens who take our jobs, bring down the wages, and make life miserable for working class people in the country.

And they want us to give them driver’s licenses? The temerity! It is not America’s fault their country is dishonest!

Moreover, illegal aliens are also responsible for a disproportionate amount of crimes committed in the country today. Statistics from the Government Accountability Office show that illegal aliens make up close to 27% of the federal prison population. An illegal alien criminal is likely to have up to eight arrests in his or her record. Since the aliens know that they won’t be deported at any cost, they commit crime with impunity without the slightest care for the consequences.

The Traitorous Role Played by Democrats

The presence of illegal aliens has always been a problem in our country, but it became intolerable under Obama. While the earlier administrations considered it a problem and tried to do something about it, the Obama administration ignored it since many illegals for Democrat which Democrats need so they can win elections and turn America into a pathetic and weak European like country who is currently being raped and ran over by Muslim refugees.

Existing amnesty programs were extended indefinitely and new ones were also introduced with the explicit intention of giving legal status to illegal aliens, who have become a voting base for Democrats because real Americans do not vote for Democrats.

When Trump became the President, he announced that he will end amnesty programs like DACA and build a wall along the border to check the infiltration of illegal aliens. Despite the change in the attitude of the federal government, the states controlled by Democrats still continue to offer sanctuary to illegal aliens who have no clue on how American became so great.

The worst part is that liberal states are actively trying to stall the construction of the border wall. California is trying to penalize businesses involved in the construction of the wall by not giving them any contracts or government funds. Similar attempts are being made in New York, Rhode Island, and San Francisco (which is in California). This is no longer about political one-upmanship. This is treasonous behavior.

Though it does not matter – there are plenty of other construction companies in other states who will reap the revenue on this deal.

It is ironic since California has about 20 mile fence with a slanted top that is about 20 feet up that no one can climb over. Nice job California!

What needs to be Done?

Trump needs to make it clear to the sanctuary cities that they need to get their act together or face the wrath of the federal government. They should stop bullying local businesses that are involved in the construction of the border wall and start assisting the government in expelling illegal aliens.

If they fail to comply, federal infrastructure grants to these cities should be stopped immediately and the money should be used for constructing the wall. Liberals like bending and breaking rules they don’t like. They think they are safely ensconced in their sanctuary cities and safe spaces and nothing could touch them. It is about time we showed them that there would be repercussions for their actions.

Though it would be better if liberals just left the country. Not one Founding Father was a liberal, for example. Liberalism is a psychotic disorder and they are not real Americans anyhow.

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