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Why Trump Was Right to Pardon Sheriff Arpaio
08/31/2017 Sheriff Arpaio Benjamin R
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In a move that has made every honest law enforcement official in the country proud, President Trump granted a pardon last week to Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. The 85-year old man was charged with violating a federal judge’s order on racial profiling and was eventually convicted of criminal contempt on July 31st.

There is nothing wrong with profiling anyone, that is how humankind has survived this long!

Al Gore’s father was a racist, did anyone know that? The Clinton’s supported Robert Byrd, a KKK member just a few years ago. Write about that mainstream media!

How could Arpaio be in prison but not Susan Rice, Debbie Schultz, Lois Lerner, and Barney Frank? The latter started the housing crisis!

Now, if you go by the media reports, you would think that Trump pardoned a hardened criminal or sociopath who has no business living among the civilized like Bill Clinton or Hillary (watch House of Cards, that is a documentary on the Clintons)! It is the extent to which the left liberal media in the country has gone on to vilify and defame an honest, upright law enforcement official who tried his best to enforce immigration laws and keep his community safe.

He kept it safer! Look at Baltimore, LA, and Chicago – ghetto liberal cities. The left does not even care when woman are raped! The left does not care about American children!

The Made-Up Case against Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Arpaio was accused of racially profiling Latinos, while all he did was enforce the existing immigration laws and keep his community and county safe from illegal aliens. The Obama administration utilized the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act to ‘police the police’, which is code-speak for penalizing honest officers who strictly enforce laws who protect woman from getting raped and good Americans from getting assaulted by disgusting people the left protects.

First, the Justice Department forced him to accept a ‘consent decree’, which effectively meant that the sheriff office had to take directions from a court-appointed federal monitor. Not satisfying with curtailing the rights of the sheriff’s office, Tom Perez of the Justice Department also accused Arpaio of employing a systemic policy that discriminated against Hispanics.

Tom Perez is a fake American (he doesn’t believe in the principles that made America great such as limited government, Christianity, low taxes, a strong America, financial responsibility, and a strong private sector) who believes in open borders. Mexican coyotes rape and attack young female Latinos in Northern Mexico – what is he doing about it? His policies create these types of situations. Tom Perez is a bureaucrat who could never make it in the real world. People like Tom Perez make life much more difficult on all Americans, real Americans which he does not care about. Tom Perez is actually the reason millions of Latinos in America are poor, well, him and other liberals like Obama. Democrats destroy jobs.

America needs skilled people, not unskilled immigrants. America needs educated people, not people that bring nothing of value to America. Tom Perez lives in Harry Potter land, he does not care about America’s financial situation at all.

The Deliberate Attempt to Manipulate Sheriff Election Results

Moreover, the Justice Department filed misdemeanor charges against Arpaio just two weeks before the sheriff’s election, in a blatant attempt to influence the outcome. As expected, the whirlwind of negative publicity worked against Arpaio, who lost by a narrow margin to Paul Penzone, a Democrat who was seen as sympathetic towards Hispanics.

Such was the vengeful campaign against Arpaio that he was even denied his right to a jury trial. He was convicted by a US District Judge – Susan Bolton – of criminal contempt based on the flimsiest of evidence of his crimes against Hispanics when really he was keeping them safe but liberals do not believe in safety.

As a result, a standup man who remained the most loved and respected sheriff in the county for 24 years was forced to lose an election he should have won and sent to prison. Travesty of justice does not even begin to describe it.

And the progenitor of the housing crisis, Barney Frank, is still a free man (well he is not really a man).

The Right Move by Trump

Thankfully, Trump was sensible enough to understand that the case against Arpaio was nothing but a witch hunt by the Obama administration. He vowed during his campaign that he would protect law enforcement officials, who protect the public.

True to his words, he pardoned Joe Arpaio last week, in late August, much to the gratitude of law-abiding citizens in Arizona and much to the chagrin of liberals and open border activists who repeat the tired old lie that Arpaio is a racist and that Trump has set the wrong precedence by pardoning him.

In the end, Trump made the right decision to pardon an honest official who was unfairly maligned and targeted by a political administration that was inimical to our country’s interests.

And who cares what John McCain says, McCain is not on America’s side now and is jealous he was too much of a wimp to fight back against the Democrats in 2008 during his pathetic and uninspiring campaign run. Trump won McCain, deal with it! Retire McCain – go find a hobby you loser! McCain is now a Democrat and is hurting the people of Arizona. Well, this is what they get for voting for him. Just like California and New York deserve to suffer which they are for the politicians they put into office.

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