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Why Trump Needs to End Obama’s DACA Amnesty Program
08/31/2017 DACA Amnesty Program Benjamin R
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Imagine a President so enamored with illegal aliens (who attack real citizens at a high rate but not as much as Antifa does who should be eliminated but that is another topic) that he virtually subverts our basic constitutional principles and finds a way to make them stay here against the interests of the taxpaying populace.

It is precisely what Obama did, with the entire left-liberal media cheering him on, when he created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program.

The Background of the Program

Obama instituted DACA in June 2012 by unilateral decree, in flagrant violation of the constitutional principle that it is the legislative branch that shall pass laws and the executive branch shall enforce them. The program grants work permits and identity documents to illegal aliens who entered the country as minors. It also offers them relief from deportation for a period of two years, which could be renewed.

Basically, Obama wanted to treat illegal aliens like taxpaying citizens. It should not come as a surprise to anyone, since illegal immigrants are an important part of the Democrat voter base because real and honest Americans know that the Democrats do not have any standards and destroy city after city (see Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, LA, Fresno, Oakland, and so on). The program, however, is incredibly discriminatory against our own citizens, even by Democrat standards.

Why DACA Needs to Go?

First of all, it is unconstitutional. It has virtually no support from the legislative branch and is against the basic principle of our immigration laws.

Secondly, the program is misused by a large number of illegal aliens, who produce fake documents and lie about their age and arrival date and enjoy the benefits that they are not entitled to receive in the first place. The program has, so far, offered amnesty to a whopping 800,000 illegal aliens who do not know what made America great which is what the left wants, ignorant people who they can manipulate, which is criminal to say the least.

Thirdly, and most importantly, DACA allows illegal aliens to get jobs that would have otherwise gone to honest, taxpaying citizens, particularly the working class people who ousted Obama and got Trump to the Oval Office. Reasonably paying jobs like security, package delivery, and long haul trucking were once available to our modestly educated youth, who couldn’t compete for higher paying jobs with their more educated counterparts.

Now, however, the working class youth in our country have to compete with illegal aliens armed with their newly minted work permits. In other words, the previous administration pretty much threw our own people under the bus to cater to the needs of people who entered this country illegally.

It is not our fault that Latin American countries cannot get their act together.  

Time to End DACA

On top of setting up such a patently anti-national amnesty program, Obama also had the temerity to say that the illegal aliens granted asylum under the DACA program were Americans in their hearts and minds. Now, that is just rubbing salt into the wounds of our citizens whose jobs were taken away by immigrants who have no business being here in the first place. Now that he is gone, the current administration should leave no stone unturned to put an end to this monstrosity.

Trump, during his presidential campaign, vowed to put an end to DACA. It is time for him to act on his promise. The farce of amnesty has gone on in this country for too long. Let us end the program, deport the illegal aliens, and offer more opportunities for our working class youth!

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