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Why Trump is Right in Treating Mainstream Media With Contempt
08/26/2017 Mainstream Media Benjamin R
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One of the criticisms levied against Donald Trump by his opponents is that he treats the mainstream news media with contempt. He has routinely ridiculed major news organizations like CNN as ‘fake news’ and has even refused to take questions from them at times. Is Trump right in treating news media the way he has treated them so far?

The answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes’. Let me tell you why.

Mainstream Media – Liberal Echo Chamber

The biggest misconception about mainstream media is that they are objective. Nothing could be further from the truth. News channels are and have always been liberal echo chambers. It becomes easier to understand once you compare the way they are treating Trump now with the way they treated Obama for the past ten years.

Media Cover-Up of Obama’s Mistakes

  • Obama claimed that he was born as a result of the Selma march, which was a blatant lie, as he was born a good four years before the march even took place.
  • He said that an entire town was destroyed and over ten thousand people died – while talking about a tornado in Kansas in which just 10 people died.
  • He lied about the impartiality of the IRS, when it was clear that they were targeting conservatives unfairly.
  • He bragged about creating an echo chamber, which allowed him to pass the Iran deal without any difficulty.
  • He offered the American public falsified information about the Benghazi terror attack and had no problem lying to mothers who just lost their sons. That is the type of person he is. All for his fallacious ideology that has never worked in the history of human kind.
  • He left no chance unfulfilled to take a dig at Fox News, stating that the channel was biased against him (which it was since Fox News does not tolerate socialists, radicals, job killers, liars, and generally pathetic people such as Obama), peddling fake stories, and operating with an unfair agenda.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The list of Obama’s gaffes and mistakes is endless, yet our news channels were praising him like he was the second coming of Jesus.

Media’s Unfair Criticism of Trump

Now, contrast this with the way the media has relentlessly targeted Trump over the past few months and you will get the whole picture.

  • They claim that Trump’s win is illegitimate, as he did not win the popular vote which means nothing since group think coastal city votes should not equal votes of real Americans who actually care about this country.
  • They claim that he is racist, despite the fact that he is not involved with any racist organization and has no known history of racial bias against any group of people ignoring the fact that the Clintons are best friends with KKK member Robert Byrd.
  • They make fun of every single mistake in his speeches, while they mutely cheered on the Teleprompter-in-Chief for the past ten years, not pointing out even a single one of his goof-ups.
  • They demean the First Lady in the most vulgar manner possible, while any criticism of Michelle Obama is met with charges of racism and despite the fact that Trump’s wife is gorgeous and does not side with a husband who allowed terrorists to cause so carnage without being confronted. Melania is married to a man, Michelle was married to a punk and Obama literally was punked by Putin for years but that is another story.  
  • They did not even spare Trump’s young son, whom they claimed was ‘slow’ and ‘autistic’, while they treated Obama’s daughters like royalty while their father took us to $20 trillion and allowed little girls to get raped and kidnapped by Boko Haram.

The list goes on and on. The fact is that Trump has been maligned, defamed, and ridiculed unfairly ever since he became President. They peddle fake news about him on a 24x7 basis and expect respect in return?

For the first time, we have a Republican President who treats liberal media with the contempt they justly deserve. Let’s just hope the trend continues!

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