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Why Trump Was Right to Criticize McConnell on Failure to Repeal ObamaCare
08/16/2017 McConnell Benjamin R
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It seems the entire gang of liberal political commentators, along with a handful of conservative pundits, is berating President Trump for his criticism of Mitch McConnell on his failure to repeal ObamaCare. Was Trump actually wrong in criticizing McConnell? Were McConnell’s remarks of Trump having ‘excessive expectations’ in anyway justified?

The answer to both these questions is a solid ‘no’. Let me tell you why.

The Farce of Repeal and Replace

First of all, the issue of repealing and replacing ObamaCare has been going on for seven long years, without any success whatsoever. Mitch McConnell is the man who was responsible for coming up with a bill that could satisfy all the parties in the GOP and get the monstrosity known as ObamaCare repealed. The fact is that he has not been able to do so, despite sitting on it for seven and a half years!

As to McConnell’s remarks that Trump has ‘excessive expectations’ regarding the repeal and replace process and that he has had to deal with artificial deadlines, anyone who has been following the long-running drama of repeal and replace can tell you that his remarks are not justified in any manner.

If McConnell could not get the job in seven and a half years, what is the guarantee that he will be able to do so before President Trump’s term ends? Does McConnell think he can drag this issue along for years on end just by asking everyone to understand the ‘complexities of legislating’?

We need real Republicans in office, not punk moderates like McConnell! RINOs are not welcome!

The Indecisiveness of Republicans

The failure to repeal ObamaCare is only one of the symptoms of the larger problem that the congressional Republicans face. They have been working without a sense of purpose or direction and they clearly lack decisive leadership to get key legislations passed in time.

For example, back in 2011, Obama got the debt ceiling hike he wanted and at the same time managed to convince the GOP to increase the planned spending growth by a whopping $2.1 trillion. Granted, Republicans were in control of only one of the three important seats at the table back then.

Right now, Republicans control all three key seats and yet there are murmurs that McConnell and Ryan might try to pass a ‘clean’ debt ceiling hike, without making any significant institutional reforms or reducing future spending growth.

Do they care about this country at all? Do they know we are $20 trillion in debt?

Why McConnell Needs to Work with Trump

This is the question that Mitch McConnell needs to ask himself. It is time for Republicans to put up a fight and get things done for the sake of the larger good.

After a decade of economic inactivity, we have finally managed to send a man to the White House who is not afraid to stand up to the Democrats (Hillary, Obama, Biden, and Schumer know all about that!). It is time the rest of the party capitalized on the momentum and change the way the system works. For that to happen, Mitch McConnell needs to work with Donald Trump, not against him!

McConnell needs to realize that Trump was the only Republican who could beat Hillary. McConnell needs to realize that McCain and Romney both lost, being weak and soft is not going to get the job done. McConnell needs a history lesson and needs to think about America and not his own little self.

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