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The Unmasking of Susan Rice – A Scandal Covered Up by the Mainstream Media and Other Powers that Be
08/13/2017 Unmasking of Susan Rice Benjamin R
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If you are a careful observer of US politics, you must know by now that the propensity of Democrats to do something illegal and unethical is only matched by their temerity to stay defiant in the face of accusations. The Susan Rice unmasking scandal is the recent example of this phenomenon.

What is Unmasking?

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act allows our intelligence agencies to spy on foreign nationals for security purposes. The agencies also know all about our own citizens who are in contact with foreign nationals.

The law states that unless it is absolutely essential, the names of US citizens must be masked or hidden from the reports. Unmasking these names should be done only if there is a compelling national security rationale.

The Scandal

The story first broke in April, when the country came to know that Susan Rice had unmasked the names of people in Trump’s transition team, while investigating the Russian attempts for meddling with US elections which Obama did nothing about and we all know Hillary sold America out to the Russians while enriching herself and her Al Qaeda/North Korean appeasing husband.

Selective Leaks

Ever since Trump became President, media outlets have published several ‘leaks’, which they claim were received from anonymous officials in Obama administration. If the names were unmasked for national security purposes, why would you leak the information to journalists?

Susan Rice’s Contradictory Statements

When the story first broke, the Obama windup doll Rice was asked about the allegations made against her by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes regarding the unmasking scandal. She said that she knew nothing about the issue who is the same person who lied to the country over Benghazi and is an ideologue just like Obama. If our Founding Fathers were still alive, Susan Rice would be dealt with in a very quick and systematic way since she has committed treason. Even Abraham Lincoln would not care for her one bit.  

A few weeks later, in an interview to Andrea Mitchell, she admitted that she unmasked the names, but did not do so for political purposes. Now, if her claims are true, why did she deny the allegations at first, only to retract her statements later?

The Unmasking Was Political in Nature

Nunes says that he has seen the unmasked reports and that they have very little to do with Russia and have no foreign intelligence value. So, why was Trump’s transition team spied on in the first place and why was the information leaked to mainstream media? Was it Obama’s strategy to discredit his opponent and increase Hillary’s chances of winning the election?

The Dishonesty of Susan Rice

Rice’s claims would have been believable if she had been a person of impeccable character, but sadly it is not the case as already illustrated. She is known for her atrocious claim that the Benghazi attack, in which four Americans were killed, was the result of a YouTube video, while the State Department had information that it was a coordinated terrorist attack.

What the?! Yes, we all know about this and know Susan Rice is an enemy of the truth.

The Aftermath of the Scandal

Basically, the only conclusion we can come to at this point is that Rice unmasked the names of Trump officials for purely political reasons and it was Obama who prompted her to do so. After all, Rice has been described as Obama’s ‘sister’ and his ‘right hand woman’. She is his puppy dog! So much for woman empowerment!

The most amazing part is that Rice still refuses to take any responsibility for her actions and instead says that the accusations against her are ‘racist in nature’ and refuses to testify before the Senate Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism. The moral of the story seems to be that if you are a liberal Democrat, you can pretty much get away with anything!

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