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How much money is America wasting on useless Russian investigations?
07/30/2017 Russian investigations Benjamin R
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Have you ever wondered how much the congressional investigation into Russia's possible meddling in the 2016 US Presidential Election is costing America?

And much of this is fake news! How about what America should really be investigating such as:

  • Hillary selling America out to Russia via uranium rights
  • What the Clinton Foundation did to Haiti
  • Susan Rice and unmasking
  • Obama and unmasking
  • Loretta Lynch and investigation tampering
  • Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton meeting on an Arizona tarmac
  • And this list continues…

Wasted resources

There's no way to tell what the exact figure is since specific figures on matters like these are hard to ascertain. America is wasting millions and millions of dollars on fake news and fallacious Russian stories and investigations. The fact of the matter is is that Obama did nothing to thwart Russia and if anyone was working with the Russians it was Hillary.

Another fact is that us Republicans have known the Russians are bad people and the Democrats ignored this issue for decades. Who said tear down this wall Mr. Gorbachev? That was Reagan! And the Democrats mocked Reagan for going after the Soviets. Reagan went after the Soviets and in modern times Obama calls ISIS the JV team. The Democrats are weak and pathetic and they are jealous Trump won.

The Democrats continue to waste America’s tax dollars and now it is this fake Russian news and collusion story. Get over it! Hillary ran a terrible campaign and she was a terrible candidate.

It will be fascinating to see if the mainstream media ever realizes that America does not care about this fake Russian news story. Especially considering the infrastructure legislation that is getting ready to battle its way through the Senate and the House. How many highways could have been built with the money spent on this investigation? It's a scandal in the making with that point right there.


The main reason why we're asking these questions is because even though there are so many investigations being carried out, most of the things people are saying are all turning out to be lies. The hearings have revealed that most of the accusers are only adept at asking questions, but don't have any idea what to do when they get the answers and have no facts to back up their accusation or Harry Potter beliefs.

They are charlatans and they are frustrated their candidate lost in a landslide to Trump despite Trump making some mistakes but Hillary’s corrupt activities and the fact that she had no economic plan did not sit well with real Americans. There were some states she never even campaigned in!

The hearings have even given a number of media companies a chance to pick up multiple scoops on various topics. But, apart from this, the main purpose of the hearings, which was to find out if Trump colluded with the Russians, has not been met. They have not been able to find any useful information in this regard. We have found out again though (and this is another investigation that is about to blow up in Democrat’s faces) that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a dirtbag and a liar.

Sorry Democrats, your party is dishonest. You reject God but you shoot for power. That is a dangerous combination!

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