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If America Lowers its Corporate Tax Rate to 15 to 20%, How Much Money Could Come Back into America?
07/30/2017 Corporate Tax Rate Benjamin R
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If President Trump is serious about boosting the US economy, then he will need to reduce the corporate tax rate which he is planning on doing very soon and it may even be retroactive! Right now, it's the highest around the world and the Democrats refused to do anything about because they care more about their ideology than middle class jobs and making America strong again.


This one step will have some very far-reaching effects. For one, it would immediately make American businesses much more competitive on the global level. It would also reduce a lot of time and energy that is spent in trying to avoid taxes which is the position America has put the private sector in. It would bring trillions of dollars back into the country from the kinder tax jurisdictions this money is currently located in.

Trump Effect

Trump agrees with all of this. While on the campaign trail, he had said he would slash tax rates by 20 percent. He believes the corporate tax rate should be around 15% which would mean America is not only competitive but also cheaper than many other countries and since America is still better than most or all other places for most or all industries, America will see trillions of dollars coming back into it. Wow! Imagine that – America would truly be great again.

Even Democrats know that America’s corporate tax rate is too high. Most Democrats are socialist and their vote cannot be counted on unless it is to increase the size of the federal government so they can hook more people into their socialist net, but some Democrats would be willing to work with Republicans to get a tax deal done that would be awesome for the US economy and therefore Trump.

What to charge

Since companies have already gone ahead and paid taxes in their host countries where they earned the money, a case can even be made for charging them a 0 percent tax rate or perhaps even a 5% rate for a short period of time, perhaps a two week window. This window will be the time given for American corporations to bring that money back into this country.

This would be a monumental time period for America. America will be even better than it already is. This will prove to the world that America’s Judeo-Christian principles are the model that all countries should follow and that capitalism is the best system ever invented.

Countries all over the world are already moving to reduce tax rates since they know America is about to be much more competitive which means that this planet could be much more productive which means more cures for diseases, more space missions, more jobs, and a better standard of living for so many people. But most countries are still ran by socialists and Trump is a capitalist so they will not lower taxes as much as what Trump and the Republicans are talking about so America is poised to soak up the wealth that should have never left in the first place.

Well unless a petty, jealous politician like John McCain messes it up since he is envious Trump won and he lost since he chose not to fight hard enough to win in 2008. Get over it McCain!

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