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James Comey to Get 8-Figure Book Deal and Profit for Being a Corrupt Loser
07/19/2017 James Comey Benjamin R
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The former director of the FBI is out of a job much to the happiness of so many Americans who care about honor and dignity, and now that his tryst with the Senate Intelligence Committee is over, the spotlight has been turned off this bureaucratic clown. So, how does Comey get himself back into the spotlight? Simple, he signs a book deal.

You got to love capitalism right? We know the Clintons do, oh, no, they prefer to sell out America and fall under the corruption category.

Book deal

The man who became famous for taking memos of his conversations with Donald Trump in the White House and did not tell anyone right then that he was being intimidated (because he was not!), is now going to write a book. Guess all that writing practice will finally come in handy!

Reports say that there is a publishing house which is ready to pay the idiot $10 million as an advance for writing a tell-all book about his experience as the director of the FBI. Two of the biggest talking points in this book are obviously going to be his investigations into crooked Hillary Clinton and our fantast President, Donald Trump who is making America great again and trying to keep rapists and Muslim refugees out of America whose cousins are laying waste to Europe right now.


The story has everything needed for a good book including the possibility of corruption and law breaking. The book has everything needed to make it incredible. Kind of like watching House of Cards which is brilliant for depicting an immoral Democratic couple which we all know is the Clintons.

Publishers are lining up by the dozens to sign Comey but what they don't realize is, just like his brief encounter with the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey doesn't really have much to say because nothing really happened. But we all know this wackjob is very creative and has no problem with doing everything to claim the spotlight.


He was fired by Donald Trump, which was a prudent move, and this book deal is nothing more than one of the largest golden parachutes ever. Even by firing him, Trump did him a favor. He no longer has the ability to show anyone how corrupt or inept he is. The Susan Rice unmasking case should have been completed in about a week’s time, for example.

Why did Comey allow Hillary to get away with her crimes as Secretary of State? Why did Comey act like he was the Attorney General when he was not? It does not matter if Hillary had intent to disclose classified material, the fact that she was incredibly careless with state secrets is evidence enough. She should be in prison! Comey is a joke!

Despite all of this information floating in the airwaves, Comey still hasn't announced that he's going to be writing a book and he hasn't even divulged any details of what he did when he was part of the FBI (he sure failed as the director!). Comey loves Comey – we all know that. His narcissism seems to be pretty supreme.

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