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Susan Rice Will Be Testifying About Her 'Unmasking' Misdeeds Under Oath
07/12/2017 Susan Rice Benjamin R
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Susan Rice, the corrupt and beleaguered ex-national security adviser who lied about Benghazi, is going to be testifying in front of the House Intelligence Committee regarding the actions of Russia when the 2016 presidential campaign was going on. She is also going to respond to the allegations made against her in terms of how she unmasked the names of the Americans who were in contact with any Russians.


It wasn't clear immediately when Rice was going to testify, with a congressional source revealing that the committee issued dates from when they are going to hear from the witnesses but no names.

Eric Pelton, the spokesman for Rice, said that she was cooperating with the Russian investigators which were being conducted by intelligence committees just like she had said she was going to.

Rice is about as filthy as Lois Lerner (IRS abuser who turned America into a Banana Republic!). Susan Rice has been called a wind up doll for Obama, he would just wind her up, tell her to do something despicable and to defy the truth, and this witch would just do it. Just another day at the office.

Revealing Names

Rice had earlier came under fire for allegedly being involved in revealing the names of Donald Trump's associates during the presidential election last year. Congressional investigators issued subpoenas to the FBI, CIA, and NSA asking them to provide unmasking information in relation to Rice, John Brennan (the ex-director of the CIA), and Samantha Power (the ex-US Ambassador to the UN).

In March, Rice had said that she didn't know anything regarding the unmasking of Trump's associates. But just a few weeks after that she admitted that she had, at times, sought out the identities of Trump's associates who were communicating with any foreigners. This is a request or an act which is called unmasking throughout the intelligence community.

Gender and Race

She also added that she didn't leak any information to anyone. This was her response to a question regarding conversations that happened between Michael Flynn, the national security adviser at the time, and Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador. It was the reports about these conversations which led to the resignation of Flynn back in February.

In a recent interview, Rice had suggested that it was her gender and her race which was the main reason why this controversy was getting so big but this is a copout and a slap in the face to all the mothers of Benghazi who lost their sons. The attack on Benghazi was not based on a video and it was not spontaneous!

Moreover, we are not going after Rice because of her gender or her race, it is because of her immoral and ugly character. She lied pertaining to Benghazi which means she should be in prison for that and since she was a hitman for an anti-American regime led by Obama who gave a terrorist country called Iran billions of dollars, she has upset a lot of righteous and golden Americans.

Rice is not an honorable person, she is a monster with despicable credentials. She has persecuted her own race since one million black babies have been murdered since Roe vs. Wade and since she is a Democrat, this means she does not even care about her own kind. What a wonderful person! Ignoble to say the least!

With this unmasking as well, she has put lives at risk and undermined our Democracy. She is a traitor to the highest degree.

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